Trucks Collide On Interstate 95

A section of Interstate 95 in Johnston County was closed for five hours Thursday after two tractor trailers collided.  The incident happened in the northbound lanes near the Truck Stop Road Exit, near the 105 mile marker, just south of Kenly.

A trailer detached from a semi traveling northbound and was struck by a second truck unable to stop in time to avoid the collision.

The first truck was carrying liver slurry to New Jersey.  The second truck was headed to Montreal with a cargo of fresh corn. That driver said he suddenly saw smoke and fire in front of him and swerved but still struck the detached trailer.

The cargo of corn had to be offloaded by hand due to the heavy damage to the trailer. Traffic backed up for at least 4 miles until the two northbound lanes could be reopened around Noon.

The Highway Patrol said charges are pending.

Photos by John Payne