Two Dogs Missing Following 4 Animal Shelter Break-Ins

Oliver (left) and Brinkley (right) were stolen during break-ins at the Johnston County Animal Shelter. Both remain missing.

3 Suspects Linked To Rash Of Crimes

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and Smithfield Police Department announced today (Tuesday) the arrests of three suspects in connection with four break-ins at the Johnston County Animal Shelter. A pit bull dog was stolen during three of the four break-ins.

Damion Daqun Thorne, 27, of Fayetteville Street, Smithfield; Jayson Wayne Bacott Jr., 21, of Johnson Street, Lucama; and Zavionna Nasha Santiago, 23, of S. Webb Street, Selma were arrested May 3rd.

Damino Thorne was linked to January 9th and April 22nd break-ins at the Johnston County Animal Shelter on Shelter Way off N. Brightleaf Boulevard. During the January incident, a pit bull puppy named Oliver was stolen. He has never been found. During the April 22nd burglary, a black and brown pit bull named Brooklyn was stolen but later recovered after a witness saw the animal being forced from a moving car near North Ninth and Hancock Streets in Smithfield.

Thorne and Jayson Baycott Jr. were also linked to a break-in at the shelter on the night of April 27th. Hours later, in the early morning hours of April 28th, Thorne, Baycott allegedly returned and this time were accompanied by Zavionna Santiago for the fourth break-in. Brinkley, a black and brown pit bull, was taken.

While Brooklyn was returned to the shelter unharmed, Oliver and Brinkley remain missing. Authorities have not released a motive for the dog thefts.

In addition, Selma Police have charged all three suspects with two business break-ins. On April 29th the trio allegedly broke into Liberty Motors at 1501 S. Pollock Street (US 301) and stole a car, several car keys and vehicle titles. On April 30th, the three allegedly broke into the rear door at New Beauty at 1429 S. Pollock Street and stole clothing, shoes and money. Some of the stolen property was recovered during a search warrant Monday in Selma.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two missing dogs, Oliver and Brinkley, is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office at 919-989-5000.


  1. Two things come to mind: what on Earth do you THINK happened to the dogs? Dog fighting has quite a following in Johnston and Wilson counties. Perhaps if we had decent animal laws that were actually enforced, this activity would cease. But we don’t really care about animal welfare in JoCo… Secondly, why did Animal Control not secure their building better after the first one, or two, or three, break ins?

    • I was wondering the same thing out the building security! How easy is it to break into, time and time again??

    • I just want to know what Jayson Bacott thinks is SOO funny to be smiling in his mugshot.

  2. All of these are very young adults, where are the parents.. They out here stealing for a reason, but im very upset the broke into Jacks store all they had to do was ask. They help.people!

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