Two Dogs Seized, Owner Charged With Animal Cruelty

SMITHFIELD – The reported owner of two dogs has been charged with animal cruelty. Glen Richard Kretzschmar, 48, of Smithfield was arrested by Smithfield Police around 11:48pm Tuesday, April 23 at the Village Motor Lodge on Mallard Road.

Police received information Kretzchmar was staying in a room at the motel and went to serve an outstanding arrest warrant from Harnett County for violating a domestic violence protection order.

While being detained, Kretzchmar reportedly told police he had two dogs in the room. Police said the animals showed signs of malnourishment. Animal control was called to take custody of the dogs.

Kretzchmar was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. The dogs will remain in the custody of animal control pending disposition of the animal cruelty charges in district court. The case is tentatively scheduled for May 15.


    • I’m all for it. People have recourse through the court system, but abusing and mistreating animals is on a whole other level. Animals trust and depend on us, and have no say. I get your point of view but in my eyes an animal abuser is a thousand times worse than someone abusing another person. This monster is BOTH. Either way this person needs to spend a long time away thinking about what they’ve done.

  1. He should never be allowed to have another animal. Just the thought of them wanting something to eat disgusts me! I hope they will get adopted out to a family where they’ll be happy.

  2. Just want y’all to know that both dogs are doing VERY VERY WELL. I, the victim of GK have recovered both doggies. They are home with us. Both thriving.. active! Eating well!! Very happy!! And… have gained weight after only one week!!

    Thank y’all for your concern!! 😊 I am also doing well. Bad guys will always have their day in court, and, boy, is he having his! Lol

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