Two Injured After Trash Truck Overturns

FOUR OAKS – Two people were transported to the hospital after a trash truck and minivan collided around 11:30am Wednesday. The collision occurred at the intersection of Thunder Road and Skinner Road, just off Highway 301.

According to an eyewitness, the elderly driver of minivan had stopped for a stop sign on Skinner Road then pulled into the path of the All Star Waste Services trash truck traveling on Thunder Road. The witness said the trash truck driver attempted to swerve to avoid the collision, but still struck the minivan in the driver’s side door.

The fully-loaded truck then veered off roadway to the right, collided with a tree and overturned across both lanes of Thunder Road. The minivan came to rest off the roadway.

Both drivers were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A small dog in the minivan appeared to be uninjured.

The State Highway Patrol, Johnston County EMS, Four Oaks Police and the Four Oaks Fire Department responded.


  1. Billy, Sometimes in life it’s just better to keep quiet, be humble, and grateful. Let us all be thankful neither the drivers nor the small dog perished.

  2. So, let’s break your comment down. A: How many Four Oaks employees are volunteer firemen? B: What evidence or facts do you have that proves work is not being done? Even if co-workers are covering in the firemen’s absence? C: Are you aware of the training and certification these men and women are required to complete before becoming volunteer firemen? I ask that because it appears that there is an implication, one simply raises their hand, volunteers, goes and buys red lights for their personal vehicles and then uses the alerts to escape work and still get paid by the town. D: Are you aware of the life saving services these volunteers provide and the assistance to full time firefighters and law enforcement during fires, rescues, and traffic accidents? E: On a final note I doubt you will find many to agree with you that volunteer firefighters, that happen to work for the town, any town, are there to raise your taxes. Far past that, I hope you are never in a bad vehicle accident, your house is on fire, or you need emergency medical assistance, because it might just be that volunteer fireman committing alleged malfeasance that saves your life.

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