US Postal Service Stamp Prices Increasing

The US Postal Service will be increasing stamp prices in January. It is the largest one-time increase in the cost of a stamp in US Postal Service history.

Beginning January 27th, 2019 the cost of a Forever stamp on a first class (one ounce) letter will increase a nickel from 50 to 55 cents, a 10 percent increase.  Each additional ounce will cost 15 cents, down from 21 cents.

Other prices will also be increasing.

Metered letters will increase from 47 to 50 cents.  Priority mail will increase from 65 cents to $1.05 more.

For example, the rate on a small flat rate box will increase from $7.20 to $7.90.  A large flat rate box will increase from $18.90 to $19.95. A regular flat rate envelope that is now $6.70 will go to $7.35.

Overall, Priority Mail Express will see an average increase of 3.9%, Priority Mail 5.9% and First Class Package Service 11.9%.

In 2019, First Class Package Service will also move to zone-based pricing.

International shipping costs will increase an average of 3.9% with Priority International Mail rates going up an average of 6.2%.

Media mail rates will increase 2.9%. Media mail rates, a classification to mail certain books and CD’s, had started at $2.66 per mailing. It will now start at $2.75.

The second highest postal service rate increase was in 1991 when stamp prices jumped 4 cents from 25 to 29 cents.

In a press release from the US Postal Service, officials said they believe the “new rates will keep the Postal Service competitive while providing the agency with needed revenue.”