Video: Citizens Call For Suspension, Resignation Of County Commissioner

Commissioner Declines To Address Pending Felony Charge

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Commissioner Richard D. Braswell was in attendance of two county commission meetings held Monday, July 18th. Braswell is currently free from custody on a $35,000 secured bond following his arrest last month.

The 73 year-old Princeton resident was charged with one count of indecent liberties with a child by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office . It is a felony offense.

The alleged incident happened in April 2022 and was reported by the victim on June 6, 2022 at the sheriff’s office while accompanied by her family. Commissioner Braswell was arrested June 29, 2022 following an investigation by detectives and after consultation with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office.

Commissioner Braswell has not addressed any of the allegations publicly, nor has he responded to questions from citizens, including some who think he should be suspended or resign.

Monday night, two citizens addressed County Commissioners during the Public Comment section of the meeting. Joe Preston and Christine Livingston expressed their concerns.

On Tuesday, Mr. Preston said “I think it is pretty evident in the statement that I gave, if somebody as a sitting board member is guilty of such a heinous crime, indecent liberties with a 13 year-old… if someone is guilty of that, who in their right mind would want that person to be making decisions for their county. It is as simple as that. I never asked him to resign. I was there to ask the board attorney or anyone else who knows anything else about that, if there is any general statute, law, or precident, if someone can be suspended or step aside until the investigation is completed.”

“As you know Dickie Braswell was never elected. He was appointed when Chad Stewart stepped down to take an ABC position. We have an unelected official who allegedly committed crimes against a 13 year-old girl making decisions for our county. Who would not want that person to step aside until the law does its job. I hope to God that none of this is true. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. While this is playing out, and we believe we know what actually happened, I just don’t believe anybody should be making decisions of the magnitude they are making with this still hanging over their heads,” Mr. Preston stated.

In the public meeting, Ms. Livington said, “I ask respectfully for the resignation of Dickie Braswell. Based on the mission statement I do not believe he will be able to provide leadership and support and to advocate actions for an effective government at this time. This alleged action brought on charges in this situation can take a mental toll on anyone. No one is exempt from that feeling. Mr. D. Braswell was also appointed to this seat by you all, the county commissioners, not voted in by we the people.”

The Johnston County Report reached out to Commissioner Braswell for a comment. He has not responded to our request.

On Wednesday, Board Chairman R.S. “Butch” Lawter said, “The Board has not received any information from Commissioner Braswell regarding his current or future status as a commissioner.”

Commissioner Braswell is on the November 2022 ballot for election to the District 3 seat he was appointed. He has no opposition.


  1. They both have valid concerns about someone that was appointed to an elected position, and is facing such serious criminal charges. He should have already been released of his duties as a commissioner without anyone having to petition the board to do so. A person with integrity and good character would have resigned on their own until this issue has been resolved.

    Thank you both, Christine Livingston and Joe Preston for speaking up for the entire county when our elected and NON-elected officials would not.

  2. We don’t care about Hunter Bidens laptop or Chinese business dealings OK!!!

    Oh, sorry wrong story!! OK, we don’t care about the charges agaist Mr. Braswell and he only needs one vote to be our newly elected commissioner come this election!!!

    Isn’t this why the Abortion Mill Democrats hate Donald J.Trump so badly because they have never seen a conservative fight off the Abortion Mill Democrats the way he and Ron-Jon has?

    • Came here to see terrybarnes tie Braswell’s molestation charges to the “Abortion Mill Democrats” and am not disappointed!



    • Lady, have you lost your mind? You don’t know me. You just go around making things up and talking about folks like a true bully. And for the record I am Pro-Life, always have been.

    • The evil that TerryB spews (protecting child rapists and calling for the death and jailing of pregnant women) knows no color. It’s simply evil. However those that have been silenced by that evil will haunt that evil.

  4. The least he can do is resign until the investigation is complete. Mr. Braswell is innocent until proven guilty but the way the charges are… it seems to me the detectives found photo(s) and/or video evidence etc more than he said, she said type of situation. Those other commissioners probably have/had young daughters and young granddaughters… why are they not speaking up? It is crooked as all get out.

  5. Why would Joe Preston not look him in his face when he was talking. Braswell is wrong of what he is charged for and needs to pay for what he may have done or accused of.

      • That’s kind of opposite of the point of innocent till proven guilty in a court of law. Stepping aside till proven innocent is the same as saying he is guilty till proven innocent. He has to enjoy the privileges an innocent man would for our justice system to be fair. Which honestly in some cases is a bad thing but it’s fair and equal treatment under the law.

        • The fact that he hasn’t forcefully and specifically denied the charges, and instead has chosen to remain silent and hide behind non-statements, tells me all I need to know. An innocent man fights for his innocence.

        • Considering he wasn’t elected by the people he should step aside until the investigation is complete and if it turns out in his favor he can always run for office. Many other professional careers require you resign or you will be let go when charged especially for this type of crime!

  6. I can’t help but to think he isn’t resigning in order to stay on the ballot for November. If he resigns after the election then the commissioners get to appoint someone to the board instead of allowing we the people to elect someone the way it should be.

  7. I’ve known Mr Braswell my entire life. He has made more contributions to JoCo than any of these transplants making comments. What does innocent until proven guilty mean? Allegations are just that. Let the man have his day in court.

    • Transplants? Lol, we’re not all from out of state. I’ve been here my entire life and I’d still like to see him step aside while this situation is investigated.

    • @T: Pretty sure a transplant’s vote counts the same as yours. In fact, it is your “good ole boy” attitude that’s part of the problem.

  8. Being a retired employee of JOCO, I was “hired” to serve the people of JOCO, but I was also aware that if my mugshot came up on the arrest report, my job would be terminated. It happened to quite a few during my years there. They could of been innocent but they were terminated immediately.
    Mr. Braswell was “appointed” to his position for which is also to serve the people of JOCO. Since he was “appointed” in my mind, that is the same as being hired by the board. They should of fired him when the mugshot came out! No one at my County job was ever charged with such a hideous crime! Let him go and have his day in court. If he’s innocent, good for him but if he’s guilty, may he get his just reward 💪

  9. There are a lot of unresolved issues in this county, save yourself and get out while you are ahead like they did in Kenly, I’m just saying. To have proof and make this a thing, there must be physical evidence, because hear say doesn’t keep a story running unless conspiracy is attached

  10. Does anybody remember an ex FBI agent admitting that agents planted child porn on several enemy’s of the left including several judges!The agent said child molestation is the easiest way to remove them so they use it to frame up Their assignment!Just Remember juveniles don’t answer to the public which makes a great tool for the communist takeover of our courts

    • @Harrod: Yup … And in other news: the Earth is flat, aliens built the pyramids, and Bill Clinton is really a lizard man.

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