Watch Out For Walmart Employee Impersonators

Shoppers have one more thing to worry about after law enforcement agencies in several states, including North Carolina, are reporting a new scam. Law enforcement says crooks are impersonating Walmart employees.

Here’s how it works. The suspect pretends to be a Walmart employee. They approach a customer in a Walmart parking lot, often times customers with expensive items in their shopping cart like electronics and TV’s.  They claim you failed to check your receipt at the door and they need to see it.  Once the receipt is handed over the impersonator claims they need to go back inside to verify the purchase.  But they never return.

It’s a scam to obtain your cash register receipt.  The suspects then use your receipt to go back inside and shoplift the identical items from the store.

Incidents have been reported across the United States, most recently in Gastonia, NC according to the Charlotte Observer.

This is not the only way thieves are trying to steal from Walmart.  In Nov. 2018 a thief dressed up as a Walmart employee and walked into the employee-only area at a New Mexico Walmart. He stole a cart of merchandise and left without paying.  WTSB File Photo