Who Will Be The Next Kenly Mayor?

The Kenly Town Council will meet Monday night to begin discussions on the selection of a new mayor.

Mayor David Grady resigned suddenly on Monday leaving his seat vacant.  His term doesn’t expire until December.

Grady said in his resignation letter, “This past term has been difficult for me, and I do not feel I need to be a part of the planning processes going forward. My objectivity on the future decisions will not be good for the planning that must be done.”

“I know that in my “self” reflection, I do not feel like I have been a very effective leader for our community the past couple of years.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate there may have been a verbal altercation between Grady and Kenly Police Chief Josh Gibson prior to the mayor’s sudden resignation. However, none of the town officials would confirm that information. Grady could not be reached for comment.

Kenly Town Attorney Chip Hewett said that under state statute there is no established timeline when a vacant mayor’s seat must be filled.

“The council will convene and the Mayor Pro Tem (Bonnie Williamson) will likely assume the gavel and from there the council will need to debate on how to move forward with the appointment process,” Hewett said. “It does not need to be one of the sitting town council members.”

Hewett has represented several town governments for more than two decades but doesn’t remember a sitting mayor ever resigning. “Since the early 90’s I can not recall a circumstance when the mayor has resigned from office.”

While any councilmember including Mayor Pro Tem Williamson could be appointed mayor, any qualified citizen of Kenly could also be appointed to fill out Grady’s term.

If a councilmember is appointed mayor, then it would create a vacancy on the town board to fill.  Photo courtesy Town of Kenly.com