Willowrun Vet Talk Begins On WTSB 1090 AM – 105.5 FM

Dr. Willie Smith and Chasity Irby with Willowrun Veterinary Hospital stand outside Studio A at WTSB Radio in Smithfield.

Dr. Willie Smith and Chasity Irby began a series on WTSB Radio this week called “Willowrun Vet Talk.” The focus of this educational program will include a variety of topics related to pet health.

On Monday, Dr. Smith gave the history of Willowrun Veterinary Hospital, and the types of services offered. For example, in addition to well-animal check-ups, sick visits, and surgeries, Willowrun Veterinary Hospital also offers boarding and doggie day care.

Dr. Smith told WTSB that he has worked at Willowrun his entire career and has experienced a transition from a rural, farm call based practice to one that now focuses mostly on pets seen in the facility. Topics chosen for future broadcasts will include acupuncture and alternative medicine, feline medicine, parasites, heartworms, fleas and ticks, dentistry in pets, and nutrition and obesity in pets.

“Willowrun Vet Talk” will air the fourth Monday of each month at4:05pm.

You can reach Dr. Smith or Mrs. Irby, Human Resources Manager, at 919-934-1504. Willowrun Veterinary Hospital is located at 1417 South Bright Leaf Boulevard in Smithfield.