Woman Robbed After Responding To Internet Ad

A Benson woman said she was robbed after attempting to buy a cell phone listed for sell in an online ad.

The 27 year-old victim said she saw an iPhone 6 for sale on OfferUpNow.com. She said the seller agreed to sell the phone for $200 and a meeting was arranged at 5:00pm Thursday at a location on T-Bar Road near Benson.

The woman said the man arrived and produced the phone. She gave the man $200 but he asked to see the cell phone for just a moment. When she handed the phone back to the suspect he fled.

The suspect was described as a black male in his early-20’s with a shaved head. He fled in an older model Nissan truck being driven by a teenage white male with curly blonde hair.

The victim was not harmed but did lose her money. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.