Police: Driver Intentionally Runs Over And Kills Bicyclist

Jamica Williams of Kenly was struck and killed by a car early Friday morning in Kenly. He had recently moved from Greensboro back home to Kenly to be closer to his family. Family photo

The death of a 42 year-old Kenly man was no accident according to police.

Kenly Police have filed murder charges against the driver of a car they say intentionally struck a bicyclist causing his death.

It happened Friday morning near the intersection of Highway 222 and Maple Street in the Kenly city limits.  Genaro Muniz-Padilla, 18, of Kenly was reportedly behind the wheel of a car that struck Jamica Williams on his bicycle.

Williams was rushed to Johnston Medical Center in Smithfield where he died as a result of his injuries.

Police Chief Josh Gibson said the victim and suspect had a prior altercation before the fatal encounter. Muniz-Padilla is facing a second-degree murder charge.

Genaro Muniz-Padilla, 18, of Kenly is facing second-degree murder charges for allegedly running over Jamica Williams on his bicycle after the two had argued. The victims brother said the argument was over comments made to a female minutes earlier.

Jamica Williams attended North Johnston High School. He also had 3 sons according to his brother, Shelton Williams.  Jamica had been living in Greensboro the past 2 years. He returned to Kenly about a month ago to be closer to his family and was living on N. College Avenue. He was hired by a company in Selma just last week.

Family members said police have released very few details to them about what happened. A relative of the victim told JoCoReport.com an eyewitness told family members it started after the suspect became upset at Jamica Williams for allegedly saying something to a female at a nearby home before he left pushing a bicycle. Muniz-Padilla allegedly followed and after stopping and confronting him again, got back into his vehicle and fatally struck him.

A graveside funeral service for Jamica Williams will be held Thursday in Selma.


  1. The people of Kenly and Johnson County need to INSIST that the Kenly Police Chief and Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell check this guy’s immigration status.

  2. He is actually a good kid that is here legally goes to school and gets good grades. Comes from a great loving hard working family that pays taxes. I know his family personally. Their is two sides to every story not saying at all what he did is right at all “if he even did it”. But that’s what the court system is for.

  3. Hey all, this area has a lot of witness intimidation going on. Before we jump to conclusions, it sounds like this was a fresh out of jail guy, possibly delivering threats or ???

    I would like to get more facts before we woodchipper the punk.

    I have been watching the black on everyone violence epidemic. Possible this was just a kid responding to threats of rape, murder or retaliation from black gang.

    This is all over the place now.

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