16 Year-Old Murder Victim Identified

Search Continues For Suspects And Vehicle

Photo by John Payne

CLAYTON – Police have released the identity of a teenager shot and killed Monday night at the Pines at Glen Laurel apartment complex on NC Highway 42 East at Glen Laurel Road. Around 8:22pm, Clayton Police responded to Pine Hall Drive to a report of shots being fired in the parking lot of the clubhouse.

Responding officers observed a white car traveling on Highway 42 at a high rate of speed. The officer turned around and began trying to catch up to the vehicle, possibly a Mitsubishi Lancer. Other Clayton officers who were directing traffic at a structure fire on Highway 70 Business observed the vehicle turn onto Highway 70. Officers initiated a pursuit and attempted to stop the car as it traveled on Highway 70 and Main Street, at times in excess of 100 miles per hour. Clayton officers lost sight of the vehicle near the Wake County line on Old US 70/Garner Road.

Clayton officers discovered the body of Jayden Shamar Jones, age 16, of Clayton. Jones was found deceased from multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot. Based on interviews and evidence collected at the crime scene, police believe an altercation occurred between the victim and two people who were in the area.

Both suspects fired multiple shots at the victim before fleeing the area in the white car. Based on witness statements and information collected from the crime scene, police said this does not appear to be a random act.

Clayton Police continue to interview witnesses, conduct crime scene examinations, and are attempting to locate the vehicle that fled from the apartment complex. If you have any information concerning this investigation, contact Clayton Police at 919-553-4611.

Johnston County Public Schools confirmed Jayden was most recently a 9th grade student at Choice Plus Academy.  Caitlin Furr, Executive Director of Communications for JCPS, said, “Anytime our schools or student body experience a loss such as this, JCPS has grief support and extra counselors in place to support the students and staff as they need it.” 


    • Excellent talking point. Over 30 million hunters were in the woods the last few weeks and not one shooting. Maybe it is the parents or the actual people involved who are the bad actors..

    • It’s not” gun violence “ it’s human violence. A gun is an inanimate object. It cannot load, aim, or fire by itself. It takes on the characteristics of the human holding it. A brick is also inanimate. In the hands of a skilled worker it can create a library, hospital, school or home. However in the hands of the wrong human being it can crash a car windshield, crush a skull or other wise injure a person. The reason why you see an increase in people using guns is because you feel the gun is the problem . Nope. But in this victim/excuse society nobody wants to blame people for anything. It’s always their economic status, they were raised by s single parent, they were abused, they were bullied, they were not good in school. With no personal accountability, there is no peace.

      • Kinda like the multiple 2 year olds who accidentally shot them selves in the last 2 months in the county. Not all inanimate objects are made the same. Anyone who believes a brick poses the same level of danger as a gun isn’t being honest with themselves. The sad thing is we can’t have a real conversation about gun laws or guns in general without these over simplifications. The reality of the situation is guns are inherently more dangerous than most any other inanimate object. They are designed for that purpose, unlike most inanimate objects. Therefore we must treat them as such and it is very fair and logic based to examine what our laws are and how to best write laws to ensure safety as best as possible. It doesn’t mean outlawing all guns for everyone. But it stands to reason they should be quite a bit more difficult to obtain and own than a brick.

        • They are more difficult to own than a brick. A lot more difficult. Also a gun alone is less dangerous than a brick. Bullets are what goes POW. According to the FBI, hands and feet kill twice as many people as the big scary AR-15.

        • You are wrong. I will bet you $10,000 that a loaded gun is no more dangerous than a brick. Place both items on a table in a room with no one in it. My bet is that neither object will harm anyone. The only way it can hurt someone is when the object is picked up by a person. Only then does either become dangerous. Care to make that bet?

          • Huh? What kinda straw man argument is this?

            Yes, it requires more than an inanimate object to harm someone. No one is arguing the other side of that.

            Which room would you leave a child under 5 alone in for a hour…a room with a brick or a room with a loaded gun?

            Can’t we agree on these pretty obvious answers ?

        • I am in favor of gun control. They should be treated the same as a car. Rigorous testing and licensing. But once you demonstrate the necessary requirements your rights are unlimited.

    • It’s not gun violence – it’s moral corruptness and lack of kindness. It’s the lack of strong fathers in the homes of our children.

      Sad that teenagers are more worried about money than building their character and having strong morals. Sad that our criminal justice system doesn’t punish perps to the extent needed. Lots of contributing factors to the demise of our society. Gangs and drug dealers have a arsenal of guns ready for use by evildoers that put zero value on human life.

    • And your savior, Traitor Joe just released one of the deadliest arms dealers in the world. There goes the liberal talking point about gun control……sheesh that didn’t last long.

    • Even sadder we have a president who just let the worlds leading illegal gun runner out of prison………an inconvenient truth.

  1. I guess it’s time we increase capital punishment and figure out a way to promote healthy homes to raise children in. Highest single parent rate in the world.

    So sad. And no, don’t call for the guns. It’s time to try something else that might be impactful.

  2. All the hwy 42 expansion and thousands of new homes. People coming in from all over. Glad I live in a gated community with high HOA to help keep the riff raft out. Sad, I never thought I’d feel that way about joco.

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