NC Values Coalition Announces Plans To Expand Influence In School Board Races

NC Values Coalition announced after success of training, equipping and endorsing school board candidates across the state for the first time, it will be expanding its reach into other counties starting in 2023.

“We congratulate all our endorsed candidates who won, and thank all the candidates for having the courage to run,” said NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “School board races have been below voters’ radar for too long. It’s time we elevate those races and ensure we get school board members elected who honor parental rights, protect the innocence of children, and keep politics out of the classroom.”

New Hanover County candidates, Pat Bradford, Peter Wildeboer, Melissa Mason and Josie Barnart swept their election giving these NC Values endorsed conservatives control over their school board. Wing Ng and Cheryl Caulfield replaced two liberal Republicans on Wake County School Board, and Crissy Pratt and Linda Welborn won in Guilford County. Another NC Values candidate, Steve Wood, won in Winston-Salem Forsyth.

NC Values provided two school board candidate trainings, and three Mama Bear Workshops including a Mama Bear Guide to help the public and candidates identify and confront indoctrination in schools. For the first time, NC Values also evaluated school board candidates in select counties along with iVoterGuide, and made endorsements which candidates have reported as impactful.

“We are already looking at 2023 school board races, and determining our target counties,” said Fitzgerald. “NC Values worked hard to help and highlight school board candidates in the General Election, and we will continue to be a resource as we expand our reach across the state.”


  1. Yes time to give the parents their rights back in the schools and start having people with beneficial values in the school systems again! Remove the indoctrination from the schools. It has been going on for too long in many various forms starting way back with evolution theory which has been debunked time and again by their own research.

      • Well considering neither side has irrefutable proof of their own theory and a scientific theory requires requires proof I can not provide a scientific study and neither can you that 100% proves our individual stance. I will leave you with this article that discusses both sides and the evidence of both. I also encourage you to actually research the origins of Darwin’s theory which arose out of his anger at God over losing a child at a young age. It was not grounded in science to start with.

        7 Scientific Findings That Support Creationism Over Evolution

          • I think evolution needs to be taught as the plausible theory it is, and not the Gospel according to Darwin. I personally don’t think evolutionary theory conflicts with Scripture or God, so I don’t really get too bent out of shape when people say things are billions of years old. After all, radio isotope dating is fairly legit.

        • For Captain Obvious: Why shouldn’t there still be monkeys? Monkeys are a third type of primate in addition to apes and hominids (humans). Evolution deals with common ancestors. It is not that humans descended from apes and that apes descended from monkeys; rather, humans and apes share a common ancestor.

          • Where is the fossil record for this common ancestor or any other common ancestors? Or any intermediate ancestors? How can evolutionists say whales came from hippos but yet also say animals came from the oceans to the land? Where is the fossil record for this changing animal?

          • For NCGAL, I believe I was wonderfully created by God, you believe you came from an ape…. I think we are both correct

  2. It’s time for religious zealots to keep their nose out of her people’s life’s, and it’s time for parents to get involved in their children’s lives.

    • These maga fascist just won’t quit until the entire county is one religious handmaids tale type environment. They want no science at all. There was no Adam and Eve. The Earth is billions of years old – Fact. Climate change is real and humans have made it worse – Fact. The Holocaust was real – Fact. All dictators are evil – Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong,Idi Amin,Kim Jong-un, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein et al. Trump so wants to be on that list and he tried to overrule a fair and just American election. Per Sidney Powell in a filing in federal court: ” no reasonable person would conclude that [her] statements were truly statements of fact.” She went further and added the election claims were ” wild accusations,” ” outlandish claims, ” inherently improbable,” and those that believed them were not “reasonable people.” What makes unreasonable people I wonder. Well, lack of critical thinking and a proper education for one. Look at the people who got tricked into thinking we had CRT being taught in our school here in JOCO. We don’t. Again, lack of education and blindly following a fool will lead you off a cliff. Darwinism at its best.

      • “No science”? Like there’s biological male and biological female? Like “ if there’s a heart beat there’s life”? means life? Spare me your indignation, progressives are the most anti-science people I know…. Plus they are raging hypocrites. Parents just don’t want their kids to be indoctrinated , they want them educated but your agenda clearly shines through .

      • If it is truly about critical thinking why not present all sides and let people decide? Instead you want your science/religion (or lack there of)/belief system to dominate. Although I don’t believe in evolution and know it was made up by an angry, hurting man who just lost his child in an attempt to understand his world at the time, I would understand if evolution was taught in school so long as it was taught along with creation to allow everyone to make their own decision and think critically.

    • Just like it’s times for non religious to stay out of the lives of the religious but yet we keep having to deal with secular/non scientific BS like multiple genders, gender changing, marrying whoever who want, etc. Why is it ok for your views to be pushed on us but we aren’t allowed to have our views at all and continue to be persecuted for them?

      • They have their own god, it’s called government. They’re not secular, they’re religious zealots whose Lord is not Christ. They look to globalism as we look to the Cross. Once you see the doctrine in practice, it’s very religious; and involves traditions, institutes, and ordinances similar to Christians.

  3. The Honorable Ron Johnson is the only incumbent thats needs to run again for our school board. The local GOP has finally realized how easy it is to rid this school board of these progressive liberal baby killing democrats. It’s time to expell the $180-K-carroll, Ma Andrews and the flip flop Mike Wooten. These people suffocated your kids with masks, made parents work by day and educate their kids by night and payed bonuses to the teachers union teachers for not coming to school. When they feel the winds of losing, most of them will chose to not seek re-election anyway.

    • “Honorable”??? I don’t think that words means what you think it does @terrybarns. He violated the oath he swore (to God) by recording a private meeting. He was fired from SMPD for his conduct and use of police equipment for personal reasons. He made off-color comments that, by his own admission were wrong. This is NOT how an “honorable” man acts. I’m no fan of the Socialist Liberal Snowflake agenda, but to call RonJon “honorable” is wrong.

    • Yes we are and unfortunately I think it’s because ours went haywire several years before everyone else’s. We were just ahead of the curve.

  4. This is great reading. Always a good day when a comment lobs the maga fascist line. 100% indication that the writer have zero idea what a fascist is. Let me get my popcorn and watch this comment thread go crazy. Maybe I’ll even track down my red baseball hat too.

    I celebrate parents wanting to get educated and involved. When the not-maga lefty actual authoritarian fascists actually see the light uncovering their wicked ways, it’s amazing how indefensible their positions are.

    It’s beautiful. Science is beautiful. Christianity is beautiful. Lefties losing is beautiful.

  5. NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN!! You are the ones trying to indoctrinate. You groom to “save” people from your mythical hell. The hypocrisy of you people is astounding. If you want your kids raised in your religion, have at it. But you don’t get to dictate how the world operates.

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