2 Year-Old Drowns In Golf Course Pond

A 2 year-old child drowned in a pond at a golf course Thursday night after wandering away from her nearby home.

The drowning was reported at 5:57pm on Marcellus Way in the Riverwood community off Loop Road near Clayton. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said the child apparently walked out the front door of her home undetected by her parents.

A golfer who went to retrieve a ball spotted the young girl face down in the pond and jumped in the water and tried to save the girl.  He also yelled for others nearby to dial 911 for help.  Lifesaving efforts were not successful.

“There will be no criminal charges in this case,” Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell told WTSB News on Friday. “This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family.”

The pond was about 100 yards from the family’s home.

Sheriff Bizzell said the incident has also impacted his officers who responded to the scene. “Anytime our detectives investigate a child’s death it tugs at the hearts of investigators.”


    • I totally agree with ya Mark Bales. It only takes a second for them to get missing. It’s our job as parents to watch and protect them. May God be with this family and give them strength.?

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