2019 Johnston County Municipal Election Results

Roger Wood is shown filing earlier this year for election to the Smithfield Town Council. He is pictured with his wife, Jennifer. Mr. Wood won on Tuesday.

Roger Wood Wins Seat On Smithfield Town Council
Former Smithfield Town Councilman Roger Wood won election Tuesday to a four year term. Wood will replace Councilman Emery Ashley who did not seek re-election. Wood received 384 votes.

Three council seats were up for election this year. Incumbent council members John Dunn and Steve Rabil were re-elected. Dunn garnered 449 votes and Rabil 400 votes.

Challenger Jim Snyder was unsuccessful in his bid for office. Snyder received 323 votes, losing the seat to Wood by 61 votes in unofficial returns.

Mayor Andy Moore was unopposed. He received 619 votes. There were 23 write-in votes for mayor.

Clayton Town Councilman Loses Reelection Bid
An incumbent member on the Clayton town council lost his re-election bid Tuesday.

Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod

Three candidates were running for two seats on the town board.

Challenger Avery Everett finished first with 660 votes, followed by incumbent Jason Thompson with 602 votes. Incumbent Bob Satterfield was unseated, finishing in third place with 543 votes, in unofficial returns.

Mayor Jody McLeod was unopposed. He was returned to office with 961 votes. There were 36 write-in votes for mayor.

Clayton Parks & Recreation Bond Approved
Town of Clayton voters overwhelmingly approved an $18 million Parks and Recreation Bond.  73 percent of voters (810) supported the bond while 27 percent (299) were opposed.

The funds will be used for improvements, expansions, and additions to Clayton parks.

Selma Elects Two New Councilmen
Voters in Selma returned Mayor Cheryl Oliver to another term on Tuesday. In unofficial results, Oliver received 317 votes to challenger William Overby’s 141 votes.

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver

Two incumbent town board members were up for reelection and both lost. Bryan McAllister and Joseph Lee Scarboro were elected for the first time to the Selma Town Board.

McAllister received 309 votes and Scarboro 201 votes. Incumbent Mark Peterson finished in third with 168 votes and Incumbent Tommy Homes fourth with 87 votes. Roger Diegele received 54 votes in unofficial returns.

Incumbents Return In Four Oaks
All three incumbent Four Oaks town commissioners were reelected by voters.

Incumbent Andy Hardy led the race with 192 votes, Carles R. Surles had 189 votes, and Vic Medlin with 184 votes. Challenger Walt Rabon was unsuccessful and finished fourth with 68 votes, in unofficial returns.

Surles was appointed in 2018 to fill out the unexpired term of Commissioner Chris Haley who resigned and Tuesday was his first election win.

Archer Lodge Results
Incumbent Mayor Matthew Mulhollem won re-election Tuesday. Mulholem was unopposed.
In unofficial results, Mayor Mulhollem received 111 votes.

Three candidates ran for three seats on the Town Council. Incumbent Clyde Castleberry received 103 votes and incumbent J. Mark Jackson 99 votes.  James Purvis III received 91 votes for the seat held by Herbert Locklear. Locklear did not file for re-election.

Dobbin Leads Wilson’s Mills Council Race
The small town of Wilson’s Mills saw 5 candidates running for two council seats this year. One of the two incumbents was defeated.

Carolyn Whitley Dobbin lead the ballot with 96 votes, in unofficial returns, followed by incumbent J.C. Triplett with 58 votes for the two seats.

Incumbent Johnny Eason was unsuccessful at winning re-election. Eason finished third with 40 votes. Fleta A. Byrd received 38 votes and Joe Parrish finished in fifth place with 29 votes.

Benson Mayor, Commissioners Unopposed

Benson Mayor Jerry Medlin

Turnout was light at the polling precinct in Benson in part because none of the four incumbents on the ballot had any opposition.

Mayor Jerry Medlin was returned for another term with 222 votes. There were 9 write-in ballots cast for mayor.

District 1 Commissioner Cassandra Stack received 51 votes, District 2 Commissioner Dean McLamb 60 votes, and District 3 Commissioner Max Raynor had 102 votes, in unofficial results.

Town Of Micro Incumbents Return
Incumbent Mayor Walter “Jay” Warren was re-elected Tuesday. Warren received 27 votes. He had no opponent.

All three town commissioners returned without opposition Tuesday. Russell Creech received 27 votes, Jay Langston 26 votes, and Kevin Worley 26 votes, in unofficial election returns.

Radford Wins Seat On Pine Level Town Council
Four seats were up for election Tuesday on the Pine Level Town Council. Incumbents Greg Baker, Jimmy Garner and Phil Pittman won re-election. William Hubert Radford was elected to the board replacing Commissioner Karen Anderson who did not seek another four year term.

In unofficial results, Baker received 55 votes, Garner 53 votes, Pittman 52 votes, and Radford 52 votes.

Mayor Jay Holt was unopposed. He received 70 votes.

Neal Leads Ticket For Kenly Town Council
LaWanda Neal was the top vote-getter Tuesday in the race for the Kenly Town Council. Three seats on the council were up for election this year.

Neal received 76 votes, in unofficial results. Keith Davis came in second with 72 votes and Bobby Peele finished third with 67 votes. Page Redmon was unsuccessful in her election bid and received 35 votes.

Mayor Bonnie Williamson was unopposed and received 105 votes. There were 5 write-in votes for mayor.

Brown Wins Seat On Princeton Town Council
Scottie Lee Brown was elected by Princeton voters to fill out an unexpired term on the town board. Brown was the only candidate to file for the seat and received 47 votes, in unofficial returns.

Town board members Walter Martin and Mike Rose were also unopposed. Martin received 57 votes and Rose 37 votes.

Mayor Don Rains won re-election with 56 votes. Rains was also unopposed.