3 Erwin Commissioners Win Re-Election

Erwin Commissioner Ricky Blackmon has won re-election, in unofficial results, for another term on the Erwin Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Blackmon has served on the board since 1997, serving until 2007 and rejoining the board in 2011. Mr. Blackmon was elected by 33 votes, beating opponent Terry Wicker’s seven votes.   Blackmon said his experience made him a good choice for the position. “I think there’s going to be a lot of critical decisions to be made and I think you need the experience on the board to make those decisions,” he said. “We’ve still got the Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail we’re working on, and of course the museum project with the depot. We certainly want to see some of those get done.”

A total of 119 people voted.

Commissioners Frankie Ballard and Billy Turnage ran unopposed and were re-elected Tuesday night.

“I’m pleased with the vote,” Mr. Blackmon said. “I think the turnout could have been higher, but when it’s an off year, that’s to be expected.” Story by The Daily Record