3 Injured In Head-On Collision

Photo by John Payne

CLAYTON – A two vehicle crash sent three people to area hospitals, Wednesday afternoon.

A witness reported a silver Jeep heading south on Glen Laurel Road drifted off the roadway and into a ditch, before striking two driveway culverts and four mailboxes. The silver Jeep then re-entered the roadway, and into the path of a northbound blue Toyota SUV, colliding head-on, the witness said.

Photo by John Payne

The driver of the Jeep was seriously injured, a neighbor reported. Two occupants in the Toyota suffered non-life threatening injuries. All were rushed to area hospitals.

The Clayton Fire Department, Johnston County EMS, Clayton Police and the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the 4:40pm wreck. Glen Laurel Road was completely shut down for about an hour and a half.

The names of those involved, and possible charges, was not released pending completion of an accident report.


  1. This will be you if you don’t put that phone down. Leave it alone or pull over.

    I support stiff penalties for operating a handheld device while driving. The cost is too high.

    • Hey you clearly in the report it doesn’t say anything about a phone unless you are Jesus Christ himself or a dumb psychic you speak false

  2. Hey AI….I had to read this article 2x to make sure I read the same article you read. I’m not here to bash you because I 100% agree with your point on phone use esp texting while driving. HOWEVER I believe maybe, just maybe you are prematurely placing blame on the jeep driver for texting??? I’m not reading that in the article. Did the person have a medical emergency??? Could have. Did an animal run out in front of the jeep? Could have. We just don’t know from the little information in the article. I pray everyone will be well that were involved in this accident.

    • I never said any such thing about either driver.

      BUT cars don’t just run off the pavement during the day in good weather unless the driver is not paying attention. I see this constantly and it’s getting worse. I also notice this factor is always avoided in accident reports. It would be tough to prove in any case, absent recordings of what was going on in the car, and there is no interest in finding out because too many want to be able to keep doing it and it would be unpopular. Just put up some more 4-way stops and feel better.

  3. This cost you say is so high, is it not the same cost of an illegal that crossed the southern border that commits a murder or a deadly accident while driving impaired? We as a nation has accepted that life is not to be valued anymore than the Nazi did when walking those mother’s,father’s with all thier children beside them to certain dealth. Do you think the local folks and towns around the dealth camps just became numb and desensitized to the horrors that knew was happening on the other side of those barb wire fences? No Mr. Al, they practiced the same political desensitization that has allowed our government to kill the unborn right up to and after birth with all of our tax money. Not only that we proudly protest in the streets with our identity in the open and showing our loyalties to our progressive democrat party. Mr. Al you are living in a not to distant pass and the reality hasn’t really caught up to you by the way you truly show compassion. It going to get alot more inhumane than this Mr. Al, you really need to prepare yourself if this unfortunate accident has caused you to feel the need for some political action?

    • You’re always talking about immigrants. I bet you wouldn’t walk through joco holding a sign talking about immigrants lol. Just stuck behind that key board

      • Mr. Stupid take another read on that post up there and let us all know where the word immigrants is at in it that you my friend bring up not me? You are the same as the rest of us, you have two eyes and two ears to overide that mouth hole of yours that interprets what you wanted to read that isn’t there! I will stop with that and not question why you picked your post name and allow others to make thier own unbiased judgments? Read it again Stupid you will finally get it?

        • Parts of JoCo already look like Central America. Biden has been making it way worse with the catch and release. Housing them in hotels and giving them money monthly. Our tax dollars.

        • You statement says illegals. So what are you always getting at? Like I said get your sign and take a journey through Smithfield. Accept what this county is about to turn into Oh yea and I’m white so I bet you’re thinking I’m an illegal. Lol Your always talking about racial mess and it gets old. But I already told you what to do terry

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