4-Way Stop Still Not Accident Proof

According to a 2018 study by JoCoReport, the intersection of Highway 42 East and Highway 96 North is the 28th most dangerous intersection in Johnston County.  To try and reduce the number of collisions, the NC Department of Transportation converted the intersection into a four-way stop on March 20th.

Even with the new safety improvements, the new all-way stop requirements has not proven to be accident proof.

This morning (Monday), a pickup and SUV collided at the intersection.  Both drivers were checked out by an EMS crew that responded to the scene but neither were transported to the hospital.  The truck suffered major drivetrain damage. The SUV’s driver’s side door was jammed.

The NC Highway Patrol cited the driver of the SUV for causing the crash.

The NC DOT plans to convert the intersection of NC 42 and NC 96 into a roundabout in the summer of 2021. The DOT says when the roundabout is completed in two years, the design will improve safety and traffic flow by requiring all drivers to slow down going through it and by eliminating the stop-and-go nature of a traditional intersection. The project also will include street lighting at the roundabout to increase visibility and safety at night.

Photos by John Payne