5th Grader Facing Charges After Bringing Gun And Knife To School

A number of parents who attend Princeton Elementary School said they were not notified by school officials a 5th grade student had brought a gun and a knife onto schools grounds Thursday.

The 11 year-old child had a 22 caliber revolver and a pocket knife in his possession, authorities said. School administrators were reportedly alerted about the student and during a search found the items. The gun was not loaded.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said a school resource officer responded to the school after officers were alerted. The resource officer then requested a detective to assist.

Captain Caldwell said the 11 year-old child will face charges in juvenile court.  The parents of the child will receive citations to appear in court for allowing a child to have access to a firearm.

No injuries were reported.

Emails from Princeton Elementary School parents to WTSB claimed not everyone was notified about the incident. And according to those emails, some teachers at the school did not know about the incident until the end of the school day.