6th Grader Accused Of Threatening To Kill Teacher, Shoot Up School

A sixth grade student is facing charges in juvenile court after he allegedly made threats against his teacher and school.

JoCoReport has learned the incident was reported earlier this month at Meadow School.  An 11 year-old student was reportedly upset he didn’t make the school soccer team.  In response he allegedly told other students he was going to kill the soccer coach, shoot up Meadow School, and all other schools in Johnston County.

A child who reportedly overheard the comments alerted their parents who in turn notified school officials and law enforcement.  During an investigation by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, several students allegedly told law enforcement they heard the 11 year-old make threats to kill his soccer coach because he didn’t make the team. The students also said the juvenile allegedly threatened to shoot the soccer coach, who is also a teacher at the school.

“School safety is a top priority,” Johnston County Schools Public Information Officer Dolores Gill told JoCoReport. “It is important for students to continue to report anything that they believe could be considered unsafe or threatening to an adult. Principals take these reports seriously, investigate the reports, and take action based upon the findings. It is important to note that reporting threats to law enforcement is a part of our safety steps.”

“While the school system is unable to comment on specific student disciplinary matters due to confidentiality, administration takes seriously all concerns that are brought to our attention. We continue to encourage students to report any concerns to their teacher, school administrator or parent,” Mrs. Gill said.

The 11 year-old has been charged with making a false report of mass violence on educational property.  Because of his age, the charges were filed in juvenile court and his name was not released.