84 Year-Old Woman Falls For Business Ad Scam

CLAYTON – An elderly Johnston County woman fell victim to a scam after responding to a classified newspaper advertisement.  The victim reportedly saw a classified ad listing for a business opportunity and responded.  The 84 year-old victim said she started receiving phone calls urging her to invest money in the Philippines.

The victim was told to obtain $980 in cash, place the money inside a magazine, then mail the magazine to an address in Oklahoma.   The victim mailed a total of three cash payments for $980 before a family member learned what was occurring. By then, the woman had already sent $2,940 in cash.

According to the Better Business Bureau, classified newspaper ads can promise victims easy money but beware.  There are many legitimate companies that advertise in classifieds but proceed with caution when responding to any advertisement.  Scammers often ask for money up front and this should be a red flag.

The incident occurred June 20th but wasn’t reported to law enforcement until July 21st.  It is now under investigation by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.