Amazon To Create 500 Jobs At New $100 Million Smithfield Processing And Distribution Center, the Seattle-based e-retailing pioneer, will launch a state-of-the-art import processing center in Smithfield, creating more than 500 jobs which offer a starting wage of $15 an hour and comprehensive benefits beginning on the first day of employment.

The 620,000 square foot warehousing facility expected to launch operations in 2022, will receive products into the company’s fulfillment network and ready them for shipment to consumers. County and municipal leaders joined company officials in making the announcement at a joint meeting held earlier today at the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center.

“Amazon’s selection of Johnston County for this important new facility will bring accessible job opportunities, local tax-base and economic diversification to Smithfield and beyond, and it marks a major win for our community,” said Chad Stewart, chairman of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners. “We welcome the arrival of this gamechanging company and are deeply grateful for the positive impact it will make here.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also welcomed the company’s decision in a prepared statement. “Amazon has found a home in North Carolina and we are excited about this latest announcement for Smithfield,” Governor Cooper said.

“Our world-class workforce is ready to step up and make the new, state-of-the-art facility a strong link in the company’s supply chain.”

“This is a historic day for the Town of Smithfield,” said Mayor Andy Moore. “By welcoming Amazon here, we have embarked on a new era of growth, with an immediate impact on job creation, and a ripple effect on every aspect of our local economy. We are excited to welcome Amazon to Smithfield and know they will be a wonderful addition to our community.”

“Since August of 2016, the Town of Smithfield has been able to make steady progress on implementing the identified action items from the Town’s Economic Development Strategic Plan,” said Tim Kerigan, Economic Development Director for the Town of Smithfield. “We are thrilled to realize some of the fruits of that labor and financial commitment.”

Since 2010, Amazon has created over 27,000 full- and part-time jobs in North Carolina and invested more than $2.1 billion across the state, including infrastructure and compensation to its employees. Amazon’s investments have contributed more than $1.9 billion in GDP to the North Carolina economy and have helped create over 9,100 indirect jobs on top of Amazon’s direct hires – from jobs in construction and logistics to professional services.

More than 48,000 independent authors and small and medium businesses in North Carolina are selling to customers in Amazon’s store, creating thousands of additional jobs across the state.

“North Carolina is great for business, and Amazon is excited to continue its growth and investment with a new cross-dock facility in Smithfield,” said Courtney Johnson Norman, a spokesman for the company. “North Carolina has an incredible workforce that has been vital to our ability to serve our customers across the region. The new jobs in Smithfield will provide competitive pay and comprehensive benefits on day one along with opportunities for professional growth and career development for those looking to
build better and brighter futures.”

Jobs at the new fulfillment center will offer competitive pay and benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k) with a 50% match, paid parental leave and Amazon’s innovative Career Choice program, which pre-pays 95% of tuition for courses in high-demand

Since the launch of Career Choice, more than 30,000 Amazon employees have pursued degrees in game design and visual communications, nursing, IT programming, radiology and other studies. In addition, Amazon has pledged to invest over $700 million to provide upskilling training for 100,000 U.S. employees for indemand jobs.

“The extensive economic impact of this new facility will benefit all our county’s residents,” explained Chris Johnson, director of the Johnston County Office of Economic Development. “Like all the most impactful projects, this one called for collaboration and hard work among a team of public and private leaders from inside the county and beyond.”

Amazon’s arrival comes only three years after Johnson and other local leaders embarked on their vision for West Smithfield Industrial Park, which included shovel-ready certification by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC).

“I’m incredibly grateful for the dedication of all our partners and allies in making this exciting announcement possible,” Mr. Johnson added.

Amazon currently operates five fulfillment and sort centers in North Carolina, along with five delivery stations, one Air Gateway, 15 Whole Foods Market locations, one Amazon Hub Locker+ locations, two Prime Now Hubs and a wind farm.


  1. I’m glad for Amazon coming. But I don’t remember when a local resident decided to start a business and get the incentives and literal fireworks show that Amazon just got. Instead they have to make sure every tiny regulation is followed and beg the government for permission. Meanwhile, the politicians gladly bent over backwards for Amazon.

    Like I said, good for Amazon but treat your own da*n residents with the same amount of respect when they want to open a business.

    • I agree with what you said. I am a small business and did not find the same welcome when I inquired about land use.

      The overwhelming red tape and impact fees for building in Johnston county and the many different small towns, took the area it out of the loop of consideration.

      My programs, may very well replace Amazon. But no brink and mirror location will never be located in Johnston County unless they give the local business the very same breaks and programs down to the dollar.

    • “I’m glad for Amazon coming.”

      Remember this statement when they raise property taxes again.

  2. Where are they going to get 500 hundred employees? Business are unable to fill job slots now. Everywhere I go I see a help wanted sign.

    • Not all of those businesses have starting pay at $15/hr + benefits – that could be part of why.

  3. Half of South America is on the way to fulfill those job opening and to get their kids a free education paid for by your property taxes. Citizens of the United States you have been sold out, no matter your race or political affiliation what you think you own is gone.

    • AMEN!!! You hit t he nail on the head!!!! These jobs won’t go to local residents that need them !

  4. Give away our tax dollars to the wealthiest corporations and stockholders. That’s the American free enterprise system welfare for corporations. And $15 is it even a living wage, more traffic more money spent on infrastructure and raising taxes to pay for it all. You can’t fix stupid.

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