Board Honors Outgoing County Commissioner Jeff Carver

Johnston County Commissioners honored outgoing Commissioner Jeff Carver of Clayton on Monday, Nov. 2nd, his last official board meeting before his term expires.  Carver, who has served 18 years, did not seek reelection to the District 1 seat.   During the meeting Commissioner Carver received a plaque from Chairman Ted Godwin.

“It has truly been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Johnston County for the past 18 years.  I’ve always considered myself an elected official not a politician.  As such, I always recognize the fiduciary responsibility of what commissioners do.  It all begins with, this is not our money, it’s the citizens.  There were many trying times but all-in-all I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” Mr. Carver told Johnston County Report.

“As this chapter closes I reflect on the great opportunity of serving with many former Commissioners, including JH Langdon, Cookie Pope, Wade Stewart, Allen Mims, Tom Moore, Ray Woodall, Devan Barbour, Keith Branch and Lee Jackson.   There is and has been many challenges facing Johnston County but as I always say, I’ll take our problems over the other 99-counties in North Carolina.”

“On a very personal note, it was very emotional for me (Nov. 2nd) as I said goodbye to the institution I’ve served for so many years.  I’d like to thank the citizens for their support, the county staff that’s second to none and the current commissioners for all their patience and support as well.  Thanks also to my wife Boo and sons Cameron and Clay who have always been there for me.”

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my employer who allowed me as much time as needed outside the bank.  Of course, no one knew more about the commitment of being a commissioner than Mr. Frank Holding, Sr.  His father, Mr. R.P. Holding served from 1930 until his death in 1957 at which time he took the reins from 1957 to 1994.  Service and commitment to the communities we serve was not a tagline but a rule to live by. Again, it has been an honor to work with and for the people of Johnston County.”

County Manager Rick Hester said, “I am so fortunate to have worked with Mr. Carver for the past 18 years. His background in finance and business has been so helpful to us all. For example, Mr. Carver has played an instrumental role in our many credit rating increases over the past 17 years, because he knows it ultimately saves taxpayer dollars. There is no doubt that Johnston County is a better place because of his service as a county commissioner.”

Chairman Godwin stated, “Jeff was chairman immediately before me so he has been a prop that I have leaned on heavily, especially early in my chairmanship. When faced with a spending decision, if Jeff supported it, I knew immediately it was going to be tax money well spent with proper “return on investment”. That was always his measuring stick. We will miss his keen business sense and grasp of the big picture.”

Commissioner Tony Braswell added, “I had the opportunity to serve with Jeff for 14 years and his departure will leave a big void, both in knowledge and experience. The public only sees one side of him, but he is sincere, serious,  funny and has a great sense of humor, the kind of guy you just like to hang out with.  His love for this county, his passion to serve, the energy he brings to the table will be missed.  Of course, he and I have been on the opposite side on votes and on policy, but we have remained good friends over the years. I wish him well in the future and he deserves for his time, to be his time. I am sure the commissioners will now share his responsibility and continue to lead this county forward.”

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver said, “Commissioner Carver has faithfully represented Johnston County in a professional and caring manner.  He has been diligent in fulfilling the duties of a Commissioner.  His untold hours of service on the Johnston County Board of Commissioners are truly appreciated.”

Commissioner Carver always worked to save taxpayers money. During a June 2005 meeting, while adopting the 2005-2006 fiscal year, Carver stressed the importance of being wise stewards of tax dollars. “This board has stated many times that our top three policy priorities are supporting education, providing public safety and assisting with job creation. We are meeting those challenges with the dollars that we have available to us.  We realize and understand that the revenues that we budget are not county funds, but they are monies provided by the taxpayers. Therefore, we must ensure that we use those funds in the most fiscally responsible fashion.”

Mr. Carver is a Senior Vice President with First Citizens Bank in Smithfield. He served as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners from December 2012 – December 2014 and December 2016 – December 2018.  He served as Vice Chair from December 2010 to December 2012.  In addition to being a Johnston County Commissioner, Carver has served on the Johnston Health Board of Commissioners, Vice Chairman of the Johnston Health Services Corporation Board and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Western Johnston Regional Water & Sewer Authority Board, Research & Training Zone Advisory Committee, and Johnston County Round Table.