CCCC Hosts University Transfer Day

Over 20 universities and colleges were represented when Central Carolina Community College held its recent University Transfer Day.

Students had the opportunity to walk around and visit with the informational booths that the representatives had brought with them. The booths contained materials on activities the schools provided, recommended plans, information about various majors, and free giveaways. The event was full of students eager to learn more about colleges and universities that they had previous interest in, as well as some that were new to them.

The representatives from the schools had various words of advice for students asking questions. One university representative told students that the best way to be a competitive applicant was to be diligent when writing their essays and to show a variety of interests in various activities. Another university representative stated that students interested in transferring to their school follow the baccalaureate plans that they have listed on their website. The baccalaureate plans give transfer students a recommended schedule for the two years that they will be in community college.

First-year CCCC student Maya Kovasckitz was pleased to hear about the baccalaureate plans that colleges have, because “they will ensure that you are on the right track to pursue the degree that you want.” She also thought “all of the representatives were very happy to help and inform students with any questions that they had.”

Cassidy Johnson, a first-year student at CCCC, said that the most beneficial part of the event was “getting the questions she had answered about different colleges, and finding out which classes would transfer to various universities.”

“Our Transfer Day is always a huge success because we make advising a priority at CCCC,” said Dr. Brian S. Merritt, CCCC Vice President, Learning & Workforce Development, and Chief Academic Officer. “Our academic advisors empower students, help them learn and grow, and events like these cultivate an environment of co-ownership and accountability to help students meet their goals. We are grateful for our partners’ willingness to support this important day!”