Checker’s Restaurant Razed For New Business

SMITHFIELD – The former Checker’s Restaurant, at 1691 E. Market Street, was razed on Wednesday. Heavy machinery demolished the building in a matter of minutes.

The site will be the future location of Big Dan’s Car Wash.

According to Big Dan’s website, the company has 18 locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina offering premium car wash services.


    • It is a terrible place to access for a car wash. I actually despise that traffic flow around there and if I can, avoid going through there because of it.

  1. It would have been nice if we had gotten a notice about them closing down. I hate they tore checkers down; they had some good food.

  2. Of all the things to put in a hectic area another car wash?!? It’s just too hectic in that area to put something like that there. This is going to be a deadly move…If Not Today or Tomorrow but One day you’ll see.

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