Johnston County Social Services Employee Arrested On 50 Charges

SMITHFIELD – An employee at the Johnston County Department of Social Services has been arrested. Shermeca McCrary, age 44, of S. Taylor Street, Goldsboro is facing 50 felony charges.

On December 14, 2023, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office received a report from the Johnston County Department of Social Services for the alleged mishandling of food and nutrition / EBT benefits by McCrary, a food and nutrition employee.

DSS officials said they were contacted by a client inquiring why their EBT account had a zero balance, even though the client had not used the benefits.

Investigators with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office learned several EBT accounts, not belonging to McCrary, had been used to place orders for goods which were delivered to McCrary’s home address. Authorities reportedly discovered in excess of $30,000 in goods were ordered, paid for, and delivered to McCrary’s home using fraudulent EBT cards created and obtained by McCrary.

On Thursday, sheriff’s detectives arrested McCrary on 50 warrants. The charges include 10 counts of obtaining property by false pretense, 10 counts of embezzlement, 10 counts of accessing computers, 10 counts of identity theft, and 10 counts of illegal possession / use of food stamps.

McCrary is being held in the Johnston County Detention Center under a $1 million bond.

The investigating into the theft of food stamp benefits remains ongoing.


    • Why?, My answer to that would be because she’s an untrustworthy, shameless thief and has about as much of a conscious as a worm. The sad part is, that there are plenty of these “leeches” ripping off others all over the place. These are some of the most despicable type of individuals.

  1. Are you freaking kidding me? $30,000 of EBT delivered goods? Ain’t she eatin’ high on the hog? And/or she’s possibly reselling goods to others. That’s $30 Grand no one will ever see again and she’ll get a lil tap on the wrist. Makes me sick. Shame on you, woman.

  2. Why hasn’t this woman not walked free from the Johnston County Detention Center with no bial at all? These are all nonviolent crimes and are funded with public free money!!! Can’t our George Soros DA office see this woman is clearly on the side of our liberal democrat justice system? Come on people, the laws and jail time is for locking up Republicans, this is why our social justice soldiers like Ms. McCrary needs to have immunity? Get busy working on Political School Board Member Ronald Johnson and leave ours alone!!!

  3. You know im looking at your comments yea she stole but yall do the same thing except you give it a proper name” embezzlement”… When you do it u dont see as quite as many negative insults as u do when its other races..Shes the one that has to answer to her crimes, you are not judge or jury so sweep around your own doors and worry about the crimes you’re committing and getting away with it..

    • @delma So you’re actually upset at the comments because she is not white? Scum and thugs come in all colors. Tell me you’re a racist without telling me you’re a racist!!

      • Can u read? i didnt say ” everyone ” does it!!! I said the ones that have stole from these big buisnesses..Like they say a hit dog will holler..

  4. $1M bond here, but the lady who left a loaded gun to be found by an elementary student was freed on $1000 bond? And no one sees thr problem with our current judges? #VoteOutIncumbents

    • I’m with you. Our Justice system is the worse. Folks who kill, steal guns or leave them around for a child to shoot someone, beat people up get lighter bail money. I don’t understand why she (yes she is guilty) has such a high bail while others are allowed to post 1,000 or 5,000. Time for folks to vote the bad folks out who only think of themselves and not the community.

    • Your statement and response was very clear. If someone didn’t understand it . It was because they chose not to. You did say everyone has done this. It’s not about race it’s about being trustworthy and ethics. All races has done this some just does bigger crimes than others and the sentencing is different.

  5. That bond is ridiculous and does not fit the crime. She was in the wrong on all accounts. Just to mention of all the people that lie to steal benefits is also a crime and nobody gets caught. A lady from Texas that worked for the Army stole 100,000,000 over 6 years and is out on no bail. Now that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of and they can’t take her retirement to help pay back. She bought 28 cars and several houses with farms.

    • Thank telling you its crazy ..She committed a crime but my God..Black. white or purple just be fair thats all im saying..

      • Without question – the justice system is anything but “just”. It is not uniform across the counties or states, which I understand. But it seems like there should be minimum requirements, depending on the crime. Fifty felonies for this lady may be $1,000,000 (50 x $20,000 each), but obviously, there is no threat to the public for this white-collar crime. $100,000 secured bond would have better fit the crime. Seems like there were 5 instances – each with 10 charges. So 5 x $20,000=$100,000.
        And of course, she will lose her job and in my opinion, should lose her county government pension and never be eligible for county government benefits, such as welfare.

  6. She definitely committed a felony.sad part.she wil hire a fees.& It will all be swept under the rug.i hope they see what she did was a crime.& Punish her to get fullest.she does look like she hasn’t missed a good meal..

    • No theyre not gonna sweep it under the rug and you know this..She should be punished and be made to pay it back but she didnt kill anybody..

    • No no, the irony is that she’ll get a public defender that WE will pay for, in order to defend her from stealing OUR tax dollars. I can’t cut the irony with a chainsaw, because it’s too thick.

      Broader scope, SNAP and WIC and other welfare programs keep the cycle of poverty in perpetual flux, and punishes those who attempt to break free of that system-induced poverty.

      Is it not compassionate of us to simply end these systems of oppression for the sake of the next generation’s ability to rise above systemic and generational poverty that LBJ created?

      Just another episode of “When Helping Hurts”

  7. Theres nothing racist about me yes i said it!!! What i said is what i meant..Like i said nobody up here is judge and jury!!! A million dollar bond is beyond crazy and Ray Charles could see what time it is… When these old a** men up here touching children they not even getting bonds like this or all these negative comments so find you somebody else to play with. Right is right and wrong is wrong..I dont see all these comments when way over what she stole comes from these big buisnesses..Like i said u label it as embezzlement which is still theft!!!!!

  8. Scandalous! Ms. Thing is being held on a one million dollar she stole money and property belonging to Big Daddy aka the Federal government, but, not for nothing, the federal government steals the money from it’s citizens. So, I guess it’s all come around full circle. The real question is what led her to believe she would escape unscathed?

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