Expired: Cocaine, Marijuana, 4 Children Found In Apartment

A verbal altercation between two neighbors at an apartment complex led police a home where drugs and children were both found.

Friday night, Selma Police responded to the disturbance on Oriole Court.

While speaking with Precious Oquaza McKoy, 23, an officer said he detected an odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside her apartment.  She reportedly blamed another individual who had stayed there recently for the drug smell.

McKoy gave permission for her apartment to be searched, at which time four children ranging in age from 5 months to 9 years old were found inside.

A total of 5.6 grams of marijuana and 2.9 grams of cocaine were found in the apartment, including drugs concealed in a book bag and under a floor mat that had been placed on top of a toilet.

During questioning, McKoy allegedly admitted to having smoked marijuana about one hour before police arrived.  She claimed the children were not in the residence but with a friend when she smoked marijuana.

She was charged with felony possession of cocaine, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.  Bail was set at $11,000 pending a September 19thcourt appearance.

The children were placed in the custody of a family friend.