Commissioners Reject Subdivision For Second Time On Same Tract Of Land

CLAYTON – For the second time in two years, Johnston County Commissioners have turned down a request by a developer to build a large subdivision on a dead end road.

Site Property Development LLC of Raleigh petitioned commissioners to rezone 126 acres in the 1200 block of New Bethel Road from Agricultural Residential to Agricultural Residential – Interstate Highway (IHI) Overlay. The IHI designation would have allowed the developer to increase the density of the development to as many as 4 to 6 dwelling units per acre.

In 2020, commissioners rejected a rezoning request for a 467 unit housing development by the same applicant.

In the March 2022 public hearing, the company did not identify the total number of housing lots they were seeking, however an example development provided by the applicant consisted of approximately 265 townhomes and single family detached dwellings, however this was not under consideration at the rezoning hearing.

Planning Director Braston Newton informed commissioners a portion of the property was wetlands.

Johnston County GIS Screenshot of seven parcels totaling 126 acres at the dead end of New Bethel Road.

Commissioner Ted Godwin said he was concerned all the traffic would go down New Bethel Road, a dead end road, and would funnel to Cornwallis Road. A traffic study recommended installing a traffic light at Cornwallis and New Bethel Roads, but the traffic light would not help with existing congestion on Cornwallis Road.

Commissioner Tony Braswell said at the 2020 hearing the reason for denial was due to the high density on New Bethel Road.

“When I look at the things we have to consider, the consistency with the Comprehensive (Land Use) Plan, is it in the public interest, that is debatable, that is subjective, reasonableness, size, physical conditions, other attributes of the area that is proposed to be rezoned, the benefits and detriments to the existing landowners, or to the landowners of the subject property, there is a remedy in that they can built, it is an AR district, but the less density would mitigate the problems it could bring to the entire neighborhood… I don’t think I could be in favor of changing to IHI Overlay,” Commissioner Godwin said before making a motion to deny the rezoning.

Commissioner Tony Braswell seconded the motion. The board voted unanimously to deny the rezoning petition.

A subdivision can still be located on the property under the current Agricultural-Residential zoning, but it would average about one unit per acre.

Mr. Newton said the applicant can reapply once again for the same subdivision request after waiting 12 months, or can reapply immediately if a substantially different rezoning or development application is submitted.


  1. Wow I’m shocked. I didn’t think the commissioners and zoning people knew the word NO! This developer must not be buddies with anyone on the board.

  2. wish they would’ve used the same common sense when considering all of the new apartments in 42 – Buffalo road area. As soon as they finish widening 42 they will have to go back and add a 3rd lane in each direction plus add a couple down Buffalo as well. No consideration given to the traffic nightmare that is about to unfold there.

  3. someone should take a look at what the building has done to the area from Glen Laurel Rd down past Buffaloe road it is inbelieveable do many apartments houses, town homes and no roads to get people in and out. If these people are wanting to do all this building they need to pay for all the roads they need for people to travel someone is not thinking . There will not be any land for growing food to eat . People better wake up.

  4. How about a moratorium on any subdivision that would serve schools that are currently at capacity unless the builder pays $20,000/ residence impact fee directly to the schools.

  5. There they go. Bulldozing land on O’ Neal street in Clayton again. Removing trees for another subdivision!! Cooper elementary and Riverwood going to bust at the seems. Looks like more teachers, police, fire, utilities, traffic, accidents are in the future…..I wonder where the money will come for all of this . Hmmmmmmm?

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