Community Input Meeting For New Police Chief

SMITHFIELD – Members of the Smithfield Town Council will conduct a Community Input Meeting to gather feedback on what the public would like to see in the next police chief. The meeting will take place Tuesday, January 10th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm at the Smithfield Town Hall.

Town Manager Mike Scott said this will be a time for citizens to share their opinion to the traits the next police chief should possess and the Town should prioritize.

Former Police Chief Keith Powell retired in November 2022. A date when the new police chief may be hired has not been announced.


  1. Why weren’t they looking before Chief Powell retired? And why not promote someone from within the PD to the spot? Who knows the town better than the people that have been working there for years already?

    • Just get over it. You spread crazy theories and sound really like you need help. Joco will not be red for long. Things are gonna change around here and for the good. So sit back a relax and enjoy the ride

  2. They need one that don’t play Politics with the School Board or any other source that plays Politics just to satisfy a small group of people

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