Counterfeit Money Resurfaces In Smithfield

Counterfeit 50Smithfield Police said three businesses received counterfeit money during transactions this week.

Police have not ruled out the incidents are related.  Bogus $50 bills were passed at Golden Corral, Waffle House, and Timberland Outlet.

Police said six $50 bills were passed at the three businesses. The counterfeit bills had two serial numbers: JL52925743A and ME11676964A.

Two weeks ago, a woman found out money she had been paid with, when she sold furniture to a buyer on CraigsList, was counterfeit. Those were $10 bills were passed at a Smithfield business. No charges were filed.  

In March and May of this year, other counterfeit $50 bills were passed at Smithfield-area businesses . Police warn merchants and consumers to be aware if they obtain any suspicious looking paper currency.