Jett Williams, daughter of Hank Williams, country music legend and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, is scheduled to be a guest on AM-1090 WTSB Radio this Thursday, April 7th at 2:15 PM.

Jett Williams 2Her father Hank, died at age 29, in 1953, just 5 days before Jett was born. She was eventually placed into the foster care system and adopted, but had a difficult childhood. She did not learn who her biological parents were until the early 1980s.

She was forced to go to extreme lengths to be recognized as Hank Williams’ daughter, even though he made provision for her before he died in his will. Jett Williams is the half-sister of Hank Williams, Jr., who was slow to accept her and fought her in federal court. Carl Lamm has interviewed Jett Williams multiple times about her father, his music, and her current involvement in country music.

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