County Commissioner Resigns Amid Domestic Allegations

BENSON – Johnston County Commissioner Larry Wood of Benson resigned Monday night. His resignation shocked fellow board members who were reportedly told by Mr. Wood minutes before the meeting began that it would be his last.

According to court filings obtained by The Johnston County Report, Commissioner Wood is in the midst of a domestic case involving his daughter and her boyfriend and was in court last Friday, February 18th, just three days before he announced he would be stepping down. His resignation date is effective February 28, 2022. It comes two weeks before Mr. Wood is scheduled to be back in court for the same domestic matter.

Two domestic orders were filed against Commissioner Wood on January 26, 2022, one by his 18 year-old daughter and the other by her 21 year-old boyfriend. Both are seeking a restraining order preventing Commissioner Wood from making contact with them.

According to the complaint filed by Commissioner Wood’s daughter, “On January 25, 2022, my father Larry Earl Wood Jr. texted me yesterday and told me I had 3 days until he was going to end my health insurance. After he was done with informing me about that he called me and stated again that my health insurance was ending in 3 days. After saying that, he went on to tell me that I was an adult and it was almost time for me to move out. He also stated if I was not going to move out it was time for me to pay rent. After that he went on to tell me that my boyfriend needed to pay rent and he had went to his last workplace and talk (sp) with his boss and that he was a piece of sh*t and I was too. After that he told me he had paid someone $3000 to take care of my boyfriend. After that he kept asking for his address and asked if he was at my house because he was ready to meet him. He then stated that he hoped he had good health insurance. All of this made me scared that if he was going to come to my house and put us in harm or find us anywhere that we go.”

Her boyfriend filed a separate complaint seeking a no-contact order for stalking. In that complaint, the boyfriend alleged, “On January 25, 2022, he was texting Larry Earl Wood Jr. that he need (sp) my address so that we could catch up. He payed (sp) 3 guys $3000 to harm me and he told my girlfriend ********* that he hopes I had good insurance, that if I hurt her he was going to f**k me up. Him constantly telling to come see him and that this will not end. Larry asking my father’s name and his guys are looking me. Larry telling (his daughter) that she should stay home tonight. Him saying that his guys and him would be at the begging (sp) but not the end.

The case was originally set for a hearing February 18, 2022 before a district court judge in Smithfield. Commissioner Wood was present for the hearing, however the attorney for his daughter and her boyfriend could not attend and requested a postponement.

A judge did not grant either parties request for the restraining or no contact order, but agreed with the attorney to postpone the court hearing until March 11, 2022.

Reached by telephone Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Wood declined to comment for our story. Commission Chairman Butch Lawter also declined to comment.

Wood was elected as a Johnston County Commissioner in 2016. He won re-election in 2020. His current term ends in 2024. County Commissioners are currently accepting applications for his replacement to represent District 4.


  1. If the daughter wants to be an adult, then she should be on her own or pay rent. She should also pay her own insurance. Too many young people today think they are entitled to be kept up by patents and live like they please. Shame on them both. Parents need to stop enabling their young people.

    • Cause Biden and Hillary are so clean and not ruining the country… yeah it’s only the republicans! Ok whatever dude.

    • Really you are a bottom feeder. Your constant rhetoric on this website makes most people’s head hurt. You need a different hobby.

  2. So far, this sounds like not one little bit of anyone’s business. Sorta doubt her boyfriend is worth much trouble anyhow…..

  3. I personally don’t think it is any of our business. However I must say that just because kids grow up don’t mean I’m going to throw them out of my house! If you don’t look out for your own children then you ain’t worth the dirt that we walk on!

    • I agree but if they are not making good choices like drugs, etc then sometimes throwing them out is the best solution to help them hit bottom and seek help.

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