County Denies Permit For Concrete Recycling Business 

FOUR OAKS – In a 6-to-1 vote, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners has denied a request for special use permit for a concrete recycling business.  James Godwin had petitioned the county to rezone 3.7 acres out of a 7.7 acre tract of land he owns in the 6000 block of Highway 96 South of Four Oaks near Blackmon’s Crossroads.

Commissioners heard the case during their November meeting but tabled a decision until their December meeting to allow the applicant additional time to present a detailed site plan and copies of any state permits he had obtained to operate the concrete recycling business.

During the December meeting, Mr. Godwin did not present the additional information commissioners had requested.

Godwin said the business would prevent material from going to the landfill.

A neighbor spoke during the public hearing expressing concerns about debris brought to the site and dumped that was not concrete.  They were also worried about dust and runoff.

Godwin said some debris was brought to the site and some tree debris was burned.  He said one person carried 7 to 8 loads of debris that shouldn’t be there.  When questioned if he had cleaned up the debris, Mr. Godwin said he was told by the County not to remove the debris from the site.

Chairman Chad Stewart told Mr. Godwin he wanted him to be in business and use his land but there were concerns.

Commissioner Butch Lawter said he was concerned the operation could devalue neighboring properties and the applicant had not presented any evidence showing it wouldn’t.

Godwin replied, “If I thought it would devalue the property my son wouldn’t have built a half million dollar house across from it.”

“We were here last month. We have no more information than last month,” Lawter stated.

Commissioner Ted Godwin said it would have been better if the applicant had cleaned up the site then apply for a “clean special use permit.”

Commissioner Larry Wood said he was concerned the applicant could not produce copies of any state permits to operate on the property.

During questioning, Planning Director Braston Newton told Commissioner Tony Braswell there had been no action taken by Godwin prior to the meeting to resolve the current violation with debris dumped on the site.

In a motion by Commissioner Lawter, the board voted 6-to-1 to deny the special use permit application. Commissioner Braswell voted against the motion.