Danny Johnson Receives Liver Transplant

Danny Johnson

After months of waiting, Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Danny Johnson received a liver transplant Saturday night at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.  His surgery went well.

Danny was diagnosed last year with non-alcoholic cirrhosis and had been on the liver transplant list for a long while. As he waited for a liver, Danny’s condition slowly deteriorated.  He had been hospitalized at UNC for the past several weeks. 
On April 11th, a benefit was held at the Johnston County Agricultural Center, where thousands of dollars was raised to help Johnson with the financial burden.

Johnson is married to his wife, Bridget. They have two young children.

Bridget told WTSB News Monday afternoon Danny will have to temporarily go on kidney dialysis, which is not uncomment for liver transplant recipients.  She hopes he can be moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular room in the next few days.  Doctors will be closely monitoring him over the next several days. 

Reports indicate Johnson received a liver from a 45 year-old South Carolina woman who suffered a fatal brain aneurysm.  The woman was an organ donor. 

Bridget and Danny thanked the many people for their prayers and asked for people to continue to remember them in prayer.