Delivery Driver Charged With Stealing $104,167 In Items

A delivery driver for a Clayton business is accused of stealing $104,167.91 in merchandise over a three year period then selling the items at a local recycling center.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and Clayton Police said the thefts occurred at United Forming Inc. on Uzzle Industrial Drive near Clayton.

44-year-old Jacinto Lopez Cruz is charged with fraud, conspiracy, obtaining property by false pretenses, and larceny by an employee in excess of $100,000.

A break in the case came over-the-weekend after Cruz reportedly sold large new aluminum I-beams to Wise Recycling that had the markings from United Forming.

The manager of United Forming said the I-beams were among 112 items stolen from his property in the last 3 years.  Records from Wise Recycling indicate at least 82 of the 112 stolen items were allegedly brought to them by Cruz and sold as scrap metal.

Clayton Police charged his son Luis Morales with obtaining money by false pretense as well as conspiracy to obtain money by false pretense.