Expired: District Court Judge Announces Retirement

District Court Judge Addie Rawls. Contributed photo

District Court Judge Addie Rawls of Clayton has announced her retirement. Judge Rawls announced this week she will be retiring effective January 31, 2022. Rawls is also the senior pastor at New Generation Christian Church in Wilson’s Mills.

“I have worked for the state for over 32 years. I love the citizens of this judicial district,” Judge Rawls told The Johnston County Report. “I am going to pursue ministry full-time and serve as an emergency judge.”

Rawls was hired in 1991 as an assistant district attorney by former district attorney Tom Lock. In 2002, she became a district court judge serving Johnston, Harnett and Lee counties. She is also certified as a juvenile court judge.

Addie Rawls is married to Marvin Rawls. They have two children, Marica Rawls, a teacher at Clayton High School, and Marvin Rawls Jr., a second year student at Campbell Divinity School.

Judge Rawls said she plans to remain active in her community. “My passion is for children and I will continue with our annual community Back to School event.”

Rawls judicial seat is up for re-election this year. Her replacement will be appointed by Governor Roy Cooper in the next several weeks. The replacement judge will be subject to re-election in November 2022.


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