Driver Fails To Stop For SHP Checkpoint, Crashes Van During Pursuit

Photo by John Payne

SELMA – Multiple charges have been filed against a motorist who lead Johnston County state troopers on a high speed chase. It started Thursday evening when the operator of a minivan failed to stop for a license checkpoint in northern Johnston County. While speeding through the checkpoint, the suspect nearly hit a trooper.

Troopers began pursuing the minivan, which failed to pull over. The chase continued for several miles until the unidentified driver crashed at the intersection of Branch Chapel Church Road and NC Highway 39.

Photo by John Payne

The driver jumped from the wrecked van and fled on foot. He was quickly apprehended.

A passenger in the van was transported to the hospital. No other injuries were reported.

Photo by John Payne

The vehicle was seized under the NC Run and Done law.

Photo by John Payne


  1. o their not the only ones comitt8ng these
    types of crimes..i dont even know how this racist remark made it through.

    • I don’t see any racist remarks in this article?? All I can say is good job to the SHP for getting this punk. He had to be running from something. Glad he did not hit the trooper.

    • @DellaReese
      Lighten up on stirring the “racist stew”…. you sure are adding unnecessary ingredients honey… ABSOLUTELY NO RACIST REMARKS observed in this Joco article. None. Zilch.
      You’re welcome. Carry on…..

      • I took it that she was referring to someone else’s comment that has since been removed. A lot of commenters here get up in arms and say racist things towards illegal immigrants (though it’s usually when someone is driving without a license). The article of course doesn’t have details that could be used to identify the driver, so who knows.

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