Fire Truck Involved In Collision While Responding To House Fire

No injuries were reported after a Wilson’s Mills Fire Department truck collided with a pickup truck while responded to an emergency call.

The fire truck was responded to a residential house fire around 2:45PM Thursday when it collided with a 2007 Chevy pickup truck at the intersection of Highway 70 and Swift Creek Road.

Wilson’s Mills Police Chief A.Z. Williams said Jerry Lee Holland, Jr. was driving the fire truck when it collided with the pickup operated by Lesbia E. Cano-Rodrigues.  Holland was traveling north on Swift Creek Road in the fire truck and Cano-Rodrigues was traveling west on Highway 70.  The pickup sustained significant damage to its left side. The fire truck suffered minimal damage to its bumper.

Chief Williams said Cano-Rodrigues told police she did not see the emergency lights or hear the siren as the fire truck crossed Highway 70.  No one was cited for the accident, however Cano-Rodrigues was cited by police for not having a license.

Photos by John Payne