Firefighter’s Wife Gives Update On Husband Hospitalized With COVID   

CLAYTON – Kristy Dean spoke with the media to give an update on her husband on Wednesday evening.

Jason Dean, 42, has been with the Clayton Fire Department for 20 years and loves his work and the people he works with. He is the Deputy Chief of Operations and Training.

Mrs. Dean said that she has not spoken with Jason since last Saturday but the nurses reported Wednesday that “he is holding his own.”

She said that the CFD was “more than adequately prepared” for COVID but, “there was just no way to avoid this situation.”  Although showing no symptoms, her husband decided to be tested–and it came back positive.

Within 3 days he began showing symptoms and 3 days later he was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

“We’re not able to speak with him directly, now, and it’s very hard on us,” she said.

“He’s having a hard time.” He is now on a completely sedated and on a ventilator.  Neither she or her two daughters, have spoken with him since he was moved to the COVID Intensive Care Unit.

“The love and support from the community is overwhelming. It helps to offset the mental exhaustion that we’re experiencing.”

She concluded by saying, “It is very serious, not to be taken lightly…”Please do you part when you go out in public….wear a mask.”