Former Mayor Places Signs In Front Yard Expressing Frustration With Current Town Leaders

The former mayor of a small Johnston County town is upset with the current town leadership.

Jim Wiesner, who served one term as the Mayor of Micro, says the current mayor and town council are not representing the residents.

Wiesner pointed to a display sign in front of the Micro Town Hall over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. “The sign asked residents to cut their grass. There was nothing (on the sign) to thank Veterans for Memorial Day.”

“I’m fed up with the backwoods politics,” Wiesner added.

He is so upset he placed two signs in the front yard of his home on US 301 in Micro. One reads, “Don’t Blame Me I Voted 4 Jim.” The other, “I Don’t Drink The Cool-Aid.”

Wiesner said children in town can no longer play basketball in the town park because officials took down the basketball goal.

He claims officials hold board meetings at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when most residents cannot attend.  “It is unethical to meet at 5pm. Most folks work full time jobs in other towns like Raleigh. This is small town American, not Washington, DC or Cary. Its good, small town home folks.”

The former mayor says he is not happy with rumors of a pending water and sewer rate hike increase for in-town customers. Wiesner says he has been told the rate hike will not be implemented until after the November elections in hopes that current town officials can win another term.

Wiesner lost by 12 votes to current Mayor Jay Warren 86-to-74. Wiesner says he plans to file for Mayor this year to represent “the people of Micro.”

As for the signs in his yard, he plans to leave them up as long as necessary.

We were unable to reach Mayor Warren for a comment before our news deadline.