Former Walmart Cashier Arrested On 14 Felony Charges

CLEVELAND – A former cashier at Walmart, at 5141 NC 42 West, in the Cleveland community has been arrested on fourteen felony charges.

Braxton Jamal Yarborough, age 29, of NC Highway 55, Willow Spring was arrested February 13, after Johnston County deputies were called to the business.

According to authorities, Yarborough would ring up a customer’s transaction and the customer would leave. At a later time, he allegedly reprinted the sales receipt and processed the cash-out for the items, giving the impression that the merchandise was being returned. Seven transactions totaling $334.89 were cashed out between January and February 2024, authorities allege. Yarborough kept the money after each voided transaction.

Yarborough was charged with seven counts of larceny by an employee and seven counts of obtaining property by false pretense. He was given a $7,500 bond.


  1. Hey Braxton Jamal Yarborough, you have a real bright future. Why I sure would love for you to come work for our company. I’m sure you would make an outstanding employee. You have all the qualities to be made CEO. What a shmuck Ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Braxton, the government still not giving you enough free stuff so you want even more so you go out and just take illegally what you want, eh????? I would say get a job but you f’d that up too!!!!! So, I say get a life.

  3. What is in the water at that particular Walmart that makes people so crazy? Most of the reports on here of people stealing from Walmart are from this location. It kind of makes you wonder, maybe it’s in the air?

  4. Im Braxton Yarborough and I assure you that what I did was stupid and regardless of being desperate I shouldn’t have broken the law, life is hard for everyone not just me and there are plenty of desperate people who don’t break the law to make it

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