Gas Tanker Involved In I-40 Accident

A gasoline tanker transporting much-needed fuel from Wilmington to Raleigh was struck by a Cadillac Escalade Thursday afternoon around 5:00pm. The accident happened in the westbound lanes of Interstate 40 at the 338 mile marker near the Johnston-Sampson County line.

A 15 year-old driver reportedly became distracted and drifted into the side of the westbound fuel tanker. The SUV became trapped against the tanker and both vehicles slid to a stop. The family of five from Rose Hill, NC were not injured. The tanker driver escaped injury.

The Meadow Fire Department, Newton Grove Fire Department, Johnston County EMS and State Highway Patrol responded.


  1. Who let’s a 15yr old drive on I-40 with a car load of people? I’m sure he was distracted!

    • Exactly! And distracted by what? Adults should be driving. Vehicles are dangerous weapons in the hands of inexperienced people. Not a smart family decision.

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