Governor McCrory Offers Support To Combat Crime In Goldsboro

goldsboro policeGovernor Pat McCrory’s Office is offering up to $50,000 to Goldsboro law enforcement to curb gang violence. The Governor’s Crime Commission has notified Goldsboro and Wayne County leaders that two grants of $25,000 each could be available to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and to the Goldsboro Police Department in order to combat recent gang violence. Goldsboro has experienced eight gang-related murders this year.

“Keeping North Carolina citizens safe is our number one priority,” said Governor McCrory. “These funds will build on our commitment to support law enforcement and make our state safer by curbing gang violence.”

The Governor’s Crime Commission grants could be used for things like overtime pay and equipment to enhance efforts by local law enforcement to solve cases and reduce violence. In addition, Governor McCrory has encouraged collaboration between federal and state partners, including the State Bureau of Investigation and the Highway Patrol, to support local efforts already underway.

Goldsboro law enforcement leaders will meet today (Monday) to discuss specifics for how funds would be used and the Governor’s Crime Commission is asking federal partners for additional resources.

The Governor’s Crime Commission recently offered similar support to Rocky Mount, where collaboration has already reduced gang violence. Photo by John Payne