Highway 42 Reopens After Crash Damages Bridge

Highway 42 East of Clayton was closed for several hours late-Wednesday after a collision on the Neuse River Bridge.

Around 6:30PM an eastbound driver reportedly failed to slow for stopped traffic on Highway 42. The driver skidded into oncoming traffic, causing a 3-car collision.

One person was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries however, the 80-year old bridge suffered serious damage to a concrete guardrail.

NC DOT workers labored for several hours overnight in the sweltering heat to install temporary steel guardrails in order to reopen the bridge prior to Thursday morning rush-hour traffic.

The Highway Patrol investigated the first accident and cleared the scene but were later asked to return after vehicles were reported to be going around the large DOT Road Closed signs and driving to the closed bridge.

Photos by John Payne