HR Director Who Resigned Will Now Stay

Tim-Kerigan-FITown of Smithfield Human Resource (HR) Director Tim Kerigan was suppose to have resigned from his position last Friday and started a new job with the County of Johnston this week. That didn’t happen. Kerigan will remain on with the Town of Smithfield as their HR director.

Kerigan told WTSB News on Sept. 27th he was leaving the Town to accept a job with the County starting Oct. 12th. Kerigan said the decision had nothing to do with the Aug. 4th firing of Town Manager Paul Sabiston, who hired Kerigan in June 2012. . Previously Kerigan was the Director of Tourism for Gulf County, Florida.   

“On the heels of much deep thought and reflection, I am staying with the Town of Smithfield,” Kerigan told WTSB News on Tuesday. “I apologize to the County HR Department, as I fully understand the great deal of effort that goes into recruitment and selection.  I trust that they have many great applicants from which to choose.  I continue to see wonderful opportunities for professional and personal growth here at the Town of Smithfield and I look forward to continuing to serve our great employees and citizens.”

“There is currently vision for changing some of my duties for the Town, but those specifics have not yet been finalized.  I expect that I will have discussions on that with Interim Town Manager  Jim Freeman upon his return (from vacation) on the 20th,” Kerigan said.

Kerigan currently makes $55,517.28 as the towns human resource director.  There is the possibility he may receive a pay raise, pending discussions with Freeman next week. Any pay raise recommendation by Freeman must be approved by the Smithfield Town Council.   

Kerigan, 43, and his wife, Alison, have two children. Their son attends Smithfield Selma High and their daughter attends Clayton Middle. Alison is a kindergarten teacher at West Clayton Middle School.

In his spare time, Kerigan is a coach for a travel baseball team and a mentor at Smithfield Selma High.