Hundreds Attend Memorial For 15 Year-Old Ethan Handly

Hundreds of friends, family, classmates and others came together on Monday evening at C3 Church near Clayton to remember the life of Ethan M. Handly.  The highly emotional memorial service was closed to the media but it was reported that a coach, friend and Ethan’s mother spoke to those gathered about what a loving, dedicated and talented young man the 15-year old was.

His mother called him, “my best friend.”  She lost her husband to cancer earlier this year.  A coach said that the young man was “a talented athlete” who had proved himself on the field and off.  Ethan loved baseball and was admired by his coaches.

Although his family has not lived in North Carolina for long, Ethan had quickly made friends.  His best friend reportedly painted his jersey number, “5,” on hundreds of small stones for people to keep as remembrances of his friend.

C3 Church offered their facility to the family for the event.

Ethan was killed in an automobile accident which also claimed the life of his girlfriend’s Grandmother.  The suspect in the case has been charged with DWI, among other things, and being held on a $100,000 bond and ICE retainer.

Story and photos by John Payne