JCPS Approves Employee Summer Learning Pay Incentives

School board Vice Chair Terri Sessoms discusses the Summer Learning Pay Incentives Plan during the May 11, 2021 meeting of the JCPS Board. Screenshot

Johnston County Public Schools has approved a Summer Learning Pay Incentives Plan that could potentially pay teachers and certified staff $8,000 or more for summer school.

Chief Finance Officer Stephen Britt said the plan covers approximately 1,000 JCPS employees who will teach or help with summer school for as many as 11,000 students.  At last report, about 7,000 students had signed up to attend.

Under the plan, teachers and certified staff would be paid $40 per hour this summer. Additionally, National Board Certified teachers would receive an extra $1,200, plus a $150 bonus for each student not demonstrating reading proficiency on the 3rd grade end-of-grade reading assessment assigned to the teacher who becomes proficient in reading.

Site leaders (assistant principals) have the potential to make $9,000 this summer with a salary of $45 per hour.

Britt had proposed paying Classified 10-month staff $15 per hour and $17.50 per hour for supervisors. Vice Chair Terri Sessoms and Chairman Todd Sutton felt the amount was too low. The board approved a $20 per hour pay rate for classified and $22.50 per hour for supervisors. That is equal to the amount Wake County Schools will pay this summer. Only Wayne County is higher in the region at $25 per hour.

All other school-based 12 month employees will receive a $1,000 bonus for working at summer school (summer learning) this year, including custodians and front office staff. The JCPS board approved the plan in a 6-0 vote.


  1. Do you know what one Johnston County Commissioner yelled out of the dump truck window to the other Johnston County Commissioner that was dumping his load of millions of tax dollars at the Johnston County School Board in Smithfield? HEY MR. CHAIRMAN I WANT TO MAKE A MOTION THAT WE GET BIGGER DUMP TRUCKS TO DO THIS WITH, IT WILL PAY FOR IT SELF IN THE END DON’T YOU THINK!!!!

    Johnston County Parents and Tax Payers the Johnston County School Board are drunk on the sight of millions of dollars and who knows where these millions are really going. Don’t you think the Johnston County Commissioners would at least ask to see their financial bank statement if they really cared? Oh I forgot that is private information and not for public viewing. Folks just look at the movie that was based on a true story and open your minds. Just replace some of the players in the movie with some of our local leaders and you will see how greed takes over. Here the link.

  2. This Johnston County School Board is not worried about over spending their budget at all, I bet they have reminded each other that they have history on their side should they over spend by millions. Remember that news story folks, when the Johnston County Commissioners stepped in and voted in making up those millions of dollars the school board over spent. Anyone wonder how does the regular Johnston County Employee feels when they are told year after year that there is no money to keep the best and brightest employees, and to just feel lucky you have a job here in your county with these benefits.

  3. Have you ever thought about being in the shoes of any of these folks you criticize? I’m just curious. You sure do have lots of strong opinions. I think the pay is a lot also, but I teach and I know what it’s like. We work hard. They are increasing the pay because they need incentives for folks to sign up. Teachers are very exhausted right now- emotionally and physically. Teachers were so appreciative when we heard the summer pay. I’m not saying any of this to you in anger, Mr. Barnes. I just feel like you don’t like teachers. I could be wrong. I’m sorry if so. It just hurts because I put my whole heart in what I do. Take care, sir.

  4. H3ll we have teachers in our family and I just don’t like anyone that looks at our worthless tax dollars as just free money. If you are one of these entities that is breathing good air that someone else could be using them I don’t like you ether!

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