Johnson Says CRT Policy Is Based On Money Not Values

Op-Ed By: Ronald Johnson
Johnston County School Board

Last night, I watched members of the Board of Education advocate for additional funds from the Johnston County Commissioners, in exchange for a promise to write a policy against the Critical Race Theory. The public needs to understand this is not about politics or values. It is all about money.

There absolutely needs to be a policy written to prevent divisive material from entering the classroom. If the other members thought writing a policy against CRT was the right thing to do, why did it take the County Commissioners saying no additional funds until there is a policy in place? What about the numerous editorials, people showing up with signs at our board meetings, or all the emails we received about CRT? I guess the epiphany and urgency occurred when the County Commissioners said no more money, which should remove all doubt as of why two members were scrambling yesterday at the last minute to copy and paste another county’s CRT policy amendment.

Based on the actions by the Board of Education, if the County Commissioners wanted CRT taught in our classrooms and they were willing to pay $7 million dollars, “Critical Race Theory” would be implemented in every classroom immediately. This should raise some concern of how quickly people will compromise for money.

Employees, who are working at the whims of these politicians, are in danger of losing their jobs, simply because the Board of Education changed their mind. Whether these employees are right or wrong, no one should ever lose or receive a job because of their political beliefs.

The Board of Education told one employee to go in a certain direction, and now the direction is unpopular with the public. I believe this person will suffer. I caution everyone who can easily sway these very weak politicians, if you can make them think the way you do, someone with a different ideology can do the very same thing. Some members of the Board of Education need to learn their indecisiveness, cowardice and incompetence are causing people to suffer.

I still assert this is all about getting more money, which lends credibility to their ever-swaying political stances. Make no mistake, the school system has financial needs based on any projected raises for employees or lowered state funding based on reduced enrollment.

However, I pose a question to the general public, not the hacks or politically motivated: Is it possible they want to get some of these additional funds in the pockets of some old friends? Is it possible political alliances are being made by way of dishing out tax payer dollars because cowardly, impotent, and uncharismatic people are afraid of losing reelection?

Sorry, I am not willing to spend $200,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 of taxpayer dollars to squash old political beef dating back to when I was in high school. I have to be careful in what I say to avoid any breach of closed session law, but I just need the public to take notice to prevent this nonsense from happening.

In the past, I have gone public to stop financial irresponsibility already present in the school system. I am going public now to stop this spending before it begins.

To all the friends of Board Members, with their hand out waiting for the school system’s dollars, just know they can’t get it done now. The public knows – or at least I HAVE a feeling – they will know very soon. You might want to send them some help. To all the other people in Johnston County, who don’t receive favors or kickbacks, you might want to send me some help.


  1. Right on Ronald!

    Identify and ostracize these spineless cronyist cowards, send them packing! Perhaps to Wake, Durham, or Mecklenburg counties i.e NC’s resident ANTIFA loving, commie coddling, American culture hating counties.

    This is JOHNSTON COUNTY and we LOVE AMERICA HERE! 🇺🇸 If this bothers or offends you then leave your thoughtful replies in the my custom made just for you suggestion box 🗑️.

    • Yes, please. Look at the monetary returns of educating a populace versus encarcelating a populace! God bless us…

  2. Maybe I’m missing something….. The commissioners make a big show out of the JoCo schools promising not to teach CRT (even though they already don’t), yet willingly give JCC $4million and they DO teach CRT. #aSuckerBornEveryMinute

    • Mark, can you expand on Johnston Community College teaching Critical Race Theory? This is very concerning especially since we have JCPS students in the Early College/CTLA program.

  3. We need folks on the school board who are more concerned with the students than their own political aspirations. This gentleman is not one of them.

  4. Why did I vote for you? I didn’t realize we lived in a country where history is banned… 😔

  5. Couple questions:
    Is the policy going to ban all teaching of CRT or simply defund it? What would stop teachers from teaching it on their own dime?

    Also, if I were wanting to educate myself on CRT, can any of you suggest credible resources for me to do that?
    Thank you!

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