Johnston County Added 34 Major Subdivisions In 2016

11,519 Building Lots Ready For New Housing

Johnston County is tied with Union County for the 11th fastest growing county in the state.  Based on the number of subdivisions being added in the county in 2016, Johnston County will likely be ranked higher in the next survey.

Johnston County Planning Director Berry Gray told county commissioners this month, 34 major subdivisions have been approved in 2016, up from 23 in 2015.  Gray say about 1600 new subdivision lots have been approved this year compared to around 1,000 last year, an increase of 600.

Gray said the county has seen a significant increase in residential development this year.  Compared to the recession in 2009, only 100 new subdivision lots were approved for the entire year.

The planning director said 2016 numbers are getting back to growth seen in Johnston County in pre-recession years.  An estimated 11,519 lots in Johnston County have been approved but so far haven’t been built upon.  The majority of the lots are in the Clayton and Cleveland areas.

Major subdivisions are defined by the county as having 4 or more lots. Minor subdivisions are three lots or less.  The NC Department of Transportation will only take over maintenance of streets in a subdivision with 4 or more houses.