Johnston County School Board Releases Proposed District Maps For Public Input

JOHNSTON COUNTY – On October 25, the NC General Assembly passed Senate Bill 68, granting Johnston County citizens the opportunity to have its Board of Education, elected from seven single-member residency districts. 

The Johnston County Board of Education is made up of seven members. Beginning with the 2024 elections, Board of Education members will be elected from seven residency districts.

Residency districts mean that each Board member must reside in his or her district, but all voters in the county are able to vote for all 7 seats on the Board. These are distinct from electoral districts, in which only voters in that district can vote for that member’s seat. It is also distinct from an at-large voting system, in which candidates can reside anywhere in the county and all voters elect representatives from all at-large seats.

The previous election process was a nonpartisan process with all members serving as members at-large and was a method that did not take into account geographical representation. In efforts to provide representation from all areas of Johnston County, the Johnston County Board of Education has drafted district maps based on 2020 Census population totals.

During the November 7 regular scheduled meeting, the Board approved three maps to be presented to the public for viewing. The public can view the maps by visiting:

Visitors to the page will find more information on the residency district project, including drafts of residency district maps, answers to frequently asked questions, and an opportunity to provide comments.


  1. Funny, they wanted to change the election date to accommodate the need for more “time” to draw the districts, then, when the state denied their request they all of a sudden came up with the maps. This is a corrupt and dysfunctional board. They all should be replaced.

      • Unfortunately, this board is supposed to act as a single body and not individuals. Even if a few makes sense the whole body is corrupted. They ALL need to go. If like to ask them why they felt delaying the election was necessary when it took them so short a time to draw the maps?

  2. Just so everyone knows I’m George Brewer and I will be running to unseat these corrupt board members and we will get back to what matters the most and that’s getting our kids the best education they deserve and getting our teachers the money they deserve and also filling all these vacant positions . This mess that is goin on is a bunch of crap. They should be focused on what’s best for our kids and not some district mess . How is that helping our kids. Our kids in south north west and east Johnston county are in the same county that’s all that matters. If we have to start splitting them into districts to make sure they’re getting the right representation then the board has not been doin their jobs. And that’s all of them !!! Stay tuned You will be hearing a lot out of me. My kids are in the PUBLIC school system and all of our kids are our future and we can’t sit idle and put our kids future in these members hands !!! I Stand for our kids and teachers of Johnston county !!!!

    • We are a very large county and the differences from one end to the other as to what is wanted by parents can very dramatically. I think this is a good idea. You would have to be familiar with different parts of the county to understand. All the ritzy (liberal) Clayton people have ruined this county! Although, I don’t know if the map is as it should be.

      • I don’t agree with the maps being based off of who is on the board right now Also if it’s in districts then those voters in that district should vote for their member only

  3. Why did Johnston county school buy land across from ncdot on 70 at the price of 43millon? I don’t recall hearing about this or seeing anything on joco report about it. I may have missed it but if not there some shady stuff going on with this school board! look on Johnston county gis

    • @boon I think they said a middle and high school will go there. But don’t hold me to that. But George is my guy he has my vote after long conversations with him at the ball fields and gyms . Again that’s just me and no one else’s opinion that’s mine. Please don’t crush me for it .

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